HQ 278-CDR                                                                                                              5 OCT 2003





SUBJECT:  Command Philosophy


1.  This philosophy guides the way we do business in the 278th ACR. It outlines the values for the Regiment and it states what is important. It serves a guide for all our actions. In the absence of other guidance, always fall back on the Command Philosophy for direction and you will not be wrong.


2.  We have to keep in mind that our mission should guide all our actions: be prepared to deploy statewide on short notice, conduct civil defense operations successfully which protects the property and lives of fellow Tennesseans while caring for guardsmen and families. We must also train for our tactical mission that will prepare us for worldwide deployment in defense of our country. If you are doing something on duty that does not contribute to our mission readiness and preparing to win, you are probably wrong. Do what is right and do the right things. Choose the harder right over the easier wrong. 


3.  I firmly believe in our Army National Guard solider values and I expect all of our 278th soldiers to adopt them and aspire to them. Have the COURAGE to do what is right, even when it's hard and your dead tired, and even when no one is looking.  CANDOR, tell the truth. Always be open and honest. Have the COMPETENCE to know your job and lead others by example. Our leaders must be guardsmen and guardswomen, soldiers first. COMMITMENT, Have the dedication to duty and mission accomplishment, to your unit, Sate of Tennessee and our nation that our fellow citizens expect. COMPASSION, know your regimental troopers and take care of them. Treat others, as you would like to be treated.


4.  I like organized systems to handle anything we do repetitively. We should be able to do the routine things routinely. Otherwise, we will not have the energy to handle the unexpected. When you have a problem and you can't resolve it, bring it to your CHAIN OF COMMAND with some possible courses of action. Don't tell me things are impossible to accomplish; tell me instead what the cost is, and let me decide. Always keep me informed. I thrive on information and will tell you when you have given me enough. The more information I have on a subject, the better-informed decision I can make on all related subjects. Tell me bad news, even impending bad news, right away and we will fix bad things together. Bad news never gets better in time. I hate surprises.


5. Our Volunteer Regiment is a great one. Advertise it to others every chance you get. Success builds upon success. Do good things and look good doing them. At home station armories, keep everything lined up, topped off, tied down, clean and serviced dress-right-dress. Maintain high standards of appearance, military courtesy, and bearing. In the field, maintain high standards of security and maintenance, personal, vehicle, and weapons. DON'T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN.  Do everything in your power each day in the field to accomplish the mission, and protect your unit and fellow Cavalry Troopers.


6. Here is our vision or goals for the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment


            a.  We will recruit and maintain our strength above 95%

            b.  We will qualify every solider with a MOS that is in our Regiment.

c.       We will conduct CTT training to standard.

d.      All units will establish family readiness groups.

e.       We will have the best Major Command in the State of Tennessee and enhanced BDE in the country.

d.  Our cavalrymen will be proud, tough, and successful.

e.   We will do what is "right" as an organization.

f.   We will cooperate with other units in the Tennessee National Guard, and we will set the example.

g.  We will exceed daily in these areas:


            (1) Maintenance of Armories, Equipment

            (2) Recruiting Retention

            (3) Training

            (4) The maintaining of Guardsmen (taking care of people)

            (5) Crew Gunnery Qualification

            (6) Individual Qualification, Weapons, APFT, CTT

            (7) Support of our professional organizations such as NGAT, ENGAT, Armor/Artillery Associations, MI Associations, etc.


7.  Finally, here are the things that get my attention and you can expect me to respond quickly and decisively in these areas:


           a.  The violation of published directive of AR 190-11 dealing with weapons and sensitive items.

           b.  Safety violations. Cavalry Troopers and equipment are too valuable.

           c.  Drug or alcohol abuse.  Intoxication around our equipment will not be tolerated.

           d. Full Timers not supporting their unit or mission.

           e. Officers not leading from the front.

           f.  Doing the wrong thing on purpose.


8.  Make these things part of your personal philosophy and you will be a winner. Don't let your follow soldiers, your unit or your family down. I am extremely proud to be your commander of a unit whose heritage goes back over 300 years. I pledge to support you so you can be all that you can be as Cavalrymen in the best unit in the Army National Guard. TAKE CHARGE!!!!!!




                                                           DENNIS J. ADAMS

                                                           LTC(P), AR, TNARNG