Tennessee Army National Guard, P.O. Box 10167
Knoxville, Tennessee 37939-0167


Publishing Date 05 December 2002
Bulletin Number 02-12



a.      RETENTION AND RECRUITING  Our numbers still seem to be falling.  Each Commander must conduct some tactical analysis on their specific area of operation and determine what it is going to take to get this slowed.  There is not a day that goes by in the Regiment that some type of Recruiting event does not take place.  In the past limited resources have been available (ADSW) to support these events.  Resources are growing short so we must now continue to support these events but utilize organic resources such as scheduled/re-scheduled training, Code 71/91s.  These units belong to us and it's our responsibility to fix them.  The problem will not go away and will not be fixed by anyone else.  The Regiment is currently 81% strength.  What are you doing to help?

b.      SOLDIER READINESS PROCESSING(SRP) & MOBILIZATION  Lots of rumors are flying around about the Regiment being mobilized and this is being perpetuated by the fact that we are going to conduct SRPs throughout the TNARNG.  The fact is that the US is at war against terrorism.  This is no secret and is in the news daily.  With a military that is far smaller than the one that existed during 1990 (Desert Storm), it is obvious that the 278th could play a more significant role.  We have not been placed on alert.  All one has to do is watch the news to see the seriousness of the world situation. We want to be ready if we are mobilized and the first step in that is being personally ready.  Having our family care plans established, knowing our medical conditions, having the proper military education and correctly having our SGLV in order.  Ensuring that each of our soldiers has the correct ID Card and identification tags are not only necessary but is the correct thing to do.   Readiness is every soldiers business.  We must get serious about business.

c.      BCBST  The Regimental Headquarters starts preparing for BCBST this drill (DEC) with Operations Group C coming from FT Leavenworth to conduct tactical classes.  Even though the Squadrons are not participating in this event, each unit must start getting their tactical heads in the game and gathering the tools for this event.  This will culminate with a Regimental War Fighter in Smyrna 17-22 June 03.  We have lots of old soldiers doing new jobs.  Help them help themselves get prepared.

d.      ARMORIES  The Regiment has more armories in more communities than any major command in the state.  These armories are in varying states of age and appearance.  In all cases they are the "known point" in their community.  Commanders, get out and look at your facilities.  I have had recent reports of armories being dirty and in bad repair.  There is no excuse for this.  I have designated each Wednesday to be "work/clean-up" days at all Regimental facilities.  It is apparent that this is not happening.  Armory maintenance and appearance is the COMMANDERS business and responsibility.  His FTSP and M-day soldiers are the instruments to make this happen.  Units receive resources for supplies and maintenance.  If it is beyond their capabilities then ask the chain of command for help.  Take pride in your facilities.   Also, American and State flags will fly daily; no exceptions!

e.      SAFETY  Recently we have suffered tragedy in the Regiment with the loss of one our soldier's spouse due to severe weather.  Our thoughts and prayer goes out to SSG Billy Tackett and his family.  The upcoming holiday season celebrations increase the risk to all.  Please don't drink and drive.  Take proper precautions with Christmas decorations especially during installation.  With the weather changing rapidly, use of fireplaces and heating devices increase the chances of fires and burns.  Take the time to be extra cautious.   Be cautions of cold weather injuries.  Lots of our soldiers hunt.  Gun and tree stand safety is something that cannot be taken for granted.   Be aware of road conditions.  Please have a safe holiday season.

f.      EANGTN & NGAT  Last month I discussed membership.  I always say, professionals belong to professional organization.   We have very low membership in the enlisted association.  I would like to see the Regiments membership increased.  This is a great organization that does a great deal for each soldier.  I will personally explain the benefits to any soldier who has a question about the organization and what it accomplishes.  Finally, each organization's Holiday Ball is scheduled for 13-15 December 2002 in Gatlinburg, TN.   Your attendance is requested.  You will be glad you came.

g.      HOLIDAY WISHES  Over the past few months I have tried to personally thank each soldier of the Regiment for their performance during our NTC rotation.  I am so proud of each and every soldier.  You set a standard that I am not sure other units can reach.  With your performance, my Christmas wish came early.  My other wish is that you have a safe and peaceful holiday season.  Take a special moment to reflect on your accomplishments and give thanks for all that we have been blessed with.  I have been blessed with honor of serving the great citizens of Tennessee and soldiers this Regiment.  God Bless each one of you.


One of my jobs as the Honorary Colonel is to promote the history and traditions of the Regiment to every member of the Regiment.  So, this month I want to remind everyone that every soldier assigned to our Regiment is authorized to wear the Presidential Unit Citation (Army) with two Oak Leaf Clusters above their right breast pocket on their class A uniform.  What is the Presidential Unit Citation?  It is not just another ribbon to put on your uniform!

The Presidential Unit Citation is awarded to units of the Armed Forces of the United States for extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy occurring on or after 7 December 1941. The unit must display such gallantry, determination, and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions as to set it apart and above other units participating in the same campaign. The degree of heroism required is the same as that which would warrant award of a Distinguished Service Cross to an individual. It is not reasonable to presume that entire units can sustain Distinguished Service Cross performance for extended time periods except under the most unusual circumstances. Only on rare occasions will a unit larger than battalion qualify for award of this decoration.

The components of the Presidential Unit Citation are the emblem awarded to members of the unit and the streamer for display on the unit flag/guidon.

Our Regiment has three Presidential Unit Citations (Army) for battles in Europe during World War II. They are ST. BARTHELMY, UBACH, SCHERPENSEEL.  We also hold the prestigious French Croix de Guerre with Silver Star, Steamer embroidered SCHERPENSEEL The next time you see the Regimental Colors check out the streamers or visit the Regimental Headquarters note the Regimental Lineage and History displayed on the wall.  You can also see the Regimental History on the web.


a.      SOLDIER READINESS PROCESSING  As all of you have seen on CNN this country is once again at war.  To assist the army in insuring our ability to mobilize, in the event war breaks out, we will begin conducting Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) during IDT periods.  SRP is a step by step process to insure our personnel records and our personal issues are all in order.  These issues are the same things we generally check every year anyway, such as ID cards, wills, SGLI and family support plans.  The Regimental Staff as a courtesy visit has already visited some units before the SRP's begin in January.  The intent is for all regimental units to be SRP'd during the coming months to prepare ourselves for any eventuality.  The SRP checklist will be distributed in the next several weeks for your units to use.

b.      SUPPLY ACCOUNTABILITY  Our ability to account for our equipment continues to be a major contributing factor in our ability to conduct training.  Without fail I get 5 to 6 reports of survey every month for the dumbest things you have ever seen.  It is just like being at home.  When you go buy yourself new clothes you maintain them and keep them safe so the don't get ruined or lost.  When you sign the hand receipt for the equipment you get from the unit it is yours to have, to hold and protect.  Lose it, you buy it.  Just like Wal-Mart, it is your personal stuff; you are an owner until you leave the unit.  If you are negligent and lose it, you will pay for it.  Don't look at me and say it wasn't your fault, or you didn't know. 

c.      MAINTENANCE  The CLRT process continues to move toward us at an astonishing rate.  As AT 03 gets closer we must not forget maintenance on our equipment.  We have over 100 ERC items currently reported as NMC as of 2 Dec.  Continued management by reporting the mileage on our vehicles is critical.  Proper dispatch and reporting into the ULLS is the only way to get those numbers recorded.  The mileage report is how we get funded.  The OMS cannot do it all.

d.      PERSONNEL ACTIONS  This is a repeat of last month comments but apparently no one listened so here it is again.  OER's and NCOER's and awards are what make the army work.  We are not getting OER's/NCOER's that reflect the quality of our soldiers.  If you want a soldier promoted the report card you write or have written about you is what gets that done.  A good report does not write itself and must be a reflection of the service that the soldier has performed.  The OER support form is a critical part of being able to write the OER and contributes to the quality of the report.  The NCOER should not be all centers to avoid having to write bullet comments.  If you want to keep the NCO, spend the time to write the comments.  As we continue to prepare for SRP's it is critical we update our critical information.

e.      OFFICERS ASSOCIATION  As you read this you are probably packing for our annual holiday ball in Gatlinburg.  It's hard to believe it has been a year and it's that time again.  Please do the professional thing and support your association with your dues.


a.      EANGTN  The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Tennessee represents all of the enlisted members of the Army National Guard. The purpose of EANGTN is to promote adequate national security and to enhance the status, welfare, and professionalism of all enlisted members of the National Guard of the United States. In other words, this organization is about "YOU." Why is it important to join EANGTN? The answer is simple. Without a strong and continuously growing membership EANGTN's voice will be weakened at the time when it is needed most. Keep in mind that the struggle is constant to keep the benefits we have and the gaining of new benefits for army personnel.

b.      TRAINING  The 2003 training period will be very intense for all soldiers. Leaders must make sure training is conducted to standard. Train as you fight, focus on the METL, prepare in detail/teach basics, stop training if it's not to standard and tell soldiers what they are doing and how they are doing.

c.      278th ANNUAL ENLISTED BALL  The Enlisted Ball will be held in Gatlinburg, TN 13-15 December 02. We expect a large turn out this year and lots of fun. I invite all E7-E9 to the Regimental Command Sergeant Major's breakfast at 0900 14 December 02 in the Holiday Inn restaurant.

d.      SOLDIER OF THE YEAR BOARDS  The Soldier of the Year Board for HHT 278, MI, 190th, CHEM, ADA will be held 18 January 03 at 1000 in the RCSM's office. The 278th ACR (all units) Soldier of the Year Board will be held 1 February 03 at 0900 in the RCSM's office. The TNARNG Soldier of the Year Board will be held at RTI, 1 March 03. Review your guidelines from last year.

e.      PROMOTION BOARDS  The 2003 Promotion Boards will be held at RTI, 15-16 March 03. All leaders must make sure soldier's packets are complete.

f.      SEASONS GREETINGS  My family and I want wish you and your family a joyful and safe holiday. In your prayers remember the soldiers who can not be with their families.


a.      FAMILY READINESS GROUP  We are looking for a volunteer to be the Family Readiness Group Leader for the 278th ACR.  The Family Readiness Group Leader would be responsible for coordinating with all Family Readiness Groups in the Regiment along with other responsibilities.  This person should be a non-MDAY volunteer.  Please contact the RS1 at 865-582-3206 if you know someone who would be interested in this position.

b.      NGAT AWARDS  It is that time of year again for the National Guard Association of Tennessee. There are a lot of soldiers deserving of awards who go unnoticed. This presents the perfect opportunity to recognize these soldiers. There is a process that has to be followed, the process can be found on the Internet at <www.ngatn.org>. This is a very helpful site for more than just awards. This can also be used as a useful tool for retention. Soldiers facing the possibility of ETSing may be persuaded to reenlist simply by one soldier showing how much they are appreciated and needed in the unit.

c.      NGAT LIFE INSURANCE  New enlistments and prior service soldiers may be eligible for $10,000 life insurance free of charge. The fees to be paid for by the National Guard Association of Tennessee. Our recruiters do not see all accessions to the Tennessee Army National Guard, for example, newly appointed officers, warrant officers, transition soldiers from the Army reserve and interstate transfers. The units have been furnished with a copy of the insurance form. Along with the insurance form is the DD 2558, authorization to start, stop, or change an allotment. The insurance is free for the first 12 months. After the first year, a charge of $4.40 will be deducted per month from pay. For an additional cost, after the first year, spouse and dependents can also be added to their coverage. Again a good web site to use for more information is <www.ngatn.org>.

d.      MWR FUNDS  MWR needs your help. There is a new policy in place concerning MWR if a unit fails to submit their receipts within 30 days from the time of the event their account will be frozen. This policy is being implemented in order to clear up outstanding debts across the state. All squadrons and separate units are aware of this and working to clear up any issues they have. Please forward any questions regarding MWR please feel free to call SGT Vineyard @ 582-3225.


a.      PERSONNEL SECURITY  All soldiers due (or overdue) for a periodic reinvestigation (PR) of their security clearances must submit a PR packet via channels to HQ STARC, ATTN:  AGTN-DPER-C IAW AR 380-67, PR's are required at the following intervals:

                TOP SECRET:  Every 5 years
                SECRET:  Every 10 years
                CONFIDENTIAL:  Every 15 years

        These intervals are based upon the last INVESTIGATION COMPLETED date, not on the CLEARANCE GRANTED  date. Cleared soldiers who have transferred to duty positions not requiring a clearance should request an administrative downgrade via DA Form 5247-R ("Request For Security Determination").

b.      MILITARY MAPS  The RS2 section will order maps for Regimental HQ and HHT, separate units, TSBn (if requested), and any other personnel having legitimate requirements for map products.  RS2 does not order for Squadrons of the 278th ACR because separate map accounts exist for each Squadron.  Please feel free to contact the RS2 section with any questions or assistance requests.  Units should immediately order map products for AT-03 to ensure their timely delivery.  Guidance is forthcoming via memorandum concerning BCBST map sets.  POC  for these matters is SGT Holloway at Regimental HQ, (865) 582-3227 / DSN 683-3227 / TNNET 3227. 

c.      EQUIPMENT  The Regiment will be getting the new "D" model GSR's at the MI Company for FY03. 

d.      DOCTRINE  The training tapes have been issued for the COE to each of the Squadrons.  Questions pertaining to the new OPFOR doctrine should be directed to the Squadron S2's, or the RS2 for the separate units.


a.      REGIMENTAL GUNNERY ALL SYSTEMS  Units of the Regiment are now engaged in preliminary gunnery activities.  These activities are the base line of our success during Gunnery Table VIII.  Checklists, OPORDs, and LOIs are very important and must be utilized during these training events. Have you ever arrived at the range and when it got dark, found out then that you did not have chem lights, night driver sites, or batteries for flashlights?  Then after you get that fixed you find out you will not be able to fire because you do not have the proper range certified people available or your medic has not showed up or he has the wrong vehicle.  Sounds like a tough weekend, but it can happen to you.  When you research why this happened you find out everyone else thought someone else "had it covered."  To prevent this from happening rock drill your operations, use the regimental gunnery SOP, have a training meeting far enough out so things can be corrected. Remember, a Cavalry Regiment's Gunnery is the base for other operations. The lookers, supporters, and maintainers, do all that they do so the shooters can hit targets and inflict our will on any one that threatens our national interests!!!

b.      YEARLY TRAINING CALENDAR  The 278th Yearly Training Calendar has been published the past two months.  This calendar is the official Regimental document for tracking resources and training activities.  It will be published monthly with Chips.  If you update any training plans, move drills etc...a memorandum will be submitted to this HQ attn RS3. If the change makes sense and does not conflict with any other regimental activity it will be approved and then the calendar will be changed/updated.  This document/calendar will be utilized in tracking major training dates, de-conflict resources and provide a document to our traditional Guardsmen (M-Day) that they can plan with. 1LT(P) Turner will be the point of contact.  We will use this to correlate training schedules and date site reports.

        You will also notice (at the end of this issue of OBC) we have included a more "user-friendly" calendar for your use; it is similar to the calendar which was included in OBC several years ago.  We hope it will be of a benefit to you.  To ensure you'll be able to read this document, It will not come as an attachment, but will simply be "pasted" in view just as you are reading this issue of OBC.  For January OBC issue we will increase the coverage of this calendar to include the entire FY.  Give us feedback so we can improve this resource.  POC is CPT Coleman.  [email protected]

c.      BCBST  The BCBST is right around the corner. The initial training will be for the regimental staff during 7-8 DEC 02 (MTT), 11-12 JAN 03 (MDMP), the seminar will be 16-21 FEB 03 at Leavenworth.

d.      ATTRS  Lately there have been several applications sent up for review and the individuals do not meet the requirements to attend. These requests include: ETS prior to completion of IDT School; no quota; flagged; not in slot (line/para on MTOE); not a required ASI; and others have already completed PH1 for an NCOES course and are requesting PH2 within the same FY.  I must remind you according to state that the SM need only complete PH1 to satisfy the promotion requirement, and they will not allow the completion of PH1 and PH2 within the same FY for NCOES unless there is an extenuating circumstance. If you have any questions regarding requirements for schools, refer to the FTSM (Full Time Support Meeting) disk that was handed out 22-24 OCT at Knoxville. The appropriate regs were included in this disk as well.

e.      RFO's  The share-file that was made available is one of the best tools we have available now.  Not only can you track when the order is processed and published, an ATRRS report for DEC/JAN is also visible, and will be updated weekly for the next month, possibly quarterly as we all become more comfortable with the process.  Ideally, the Troop should refer to the report, verify the dates and request the RFO through their HQ's in such a timely manner that the SM would have the order in hand a minimum of 30 days out.  It was said at the FTSM to request orders for the entire quarter on individuals in a R status--this is not happening.  Also, individuals are not being screened properly.  A great deal of soldiers are departing for schools without equipment, pre-execution checklist, weight screened, APFT passed within 30 days of reporting; in this we are ultimately failing the soldier.  Let's not waste their time or our time.  Don't assume it will get taken care of, ensure it is taken care of.  POC for the above is SSG Murphy @ TNNET 3148 or com: 865-582-3148 / [email protected]


a.      CEP/CLRT/COMET  These events demonstrate our capabilities to perform the day to day activities of readiness in the Tennessee Army National Guard.  The standards are not a secret.  The 03 CEP and COMET checklist with dates has been previously forwarded.  CLRT notebooks were distributed to each Squadron and Separate Unit.  Information available is not an issue.  Our measurement of compliance to this day to day activities deserves the highest level of attention and resource.

b.      OPTEMPO  The RS-3 section has published the forecast of how the Regiment will meet the OPTEMPO requirements during FY-03.  RS-4 section and MMO will continue to monitor and track ULLS-G data quarterly to provide necessary information to the RS-3.  The new ULLS-G skip 9 contains an equipment usage record that allows automatic calculation of mileage.  POC is CPT Miller.

c.      AT 03  RS-4 office has reviewed billeting and dining facility availability at Ft Knox, KY for our Annual Training dates.  Barracks, orderly room, and supply room assignments were contained in WARNO 1 to OPORD 03-01.

d.      NEW EQUIPMENT FIELDING  The Regiment will field and train at least three (3) different equipment and/or systems through June 2003. The Modular Weapon System, components of M-4, is scheduled 4 Dec 02.  POC is SFC Sturgill.  New Medical sets for each squadron, HHT,  and 190 EN Co is scheduled 13-21 Mar 03 in Knoxville.  Equipment roll up was distributed via e-mail the week of 12 Nov 02.  Memo TBP and POC is MAJ Darnbush.  Prophet Ground is scheduled for MI Co, 278th ACR in Jun 03 during Annual Training.  Memo TBP.

e.      BCBST  Main body seminar dates are 16-21 Feb 03.  MSG Lewis will coordinate with BCBST personnel for lodging during the seminar. SFC Williams has requested aircraft.  Advance detachment dates are 14 -15 Feb 03.  GSA mini-vans from each squadron need to be available during this training event.

f.      CENTRAL ISSUE FACILITY (CIF) CONVERSION  ReferencesMemo dtd 27 Nov 01, AGTN-DOL; Memo dtd 11 Mar 02, USPFO-SS; memo dtd 5 Nov 02, AGTN-DOL.  Units were to complete 100% showdown inspection of all soldiers prior to 1 Oct 02.  Memo with specific guidance for the Regiment TBP and POC is MSG Lewis.  For planning purposes, each squadron and separate unit should notify this Hqs with anticipated date(s) when subordinate units are ready for the state conversion team visit.

g.      MERRY CHRISTMAS  "For God so loved the world the he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."




Timing issue with A-SIP and D model SINCGARs.  Time was not cleared prior to attempting to load “Plugger” time.  The radio gives the appearance of overwriting time.  The radio does not over write time.  Time must be cleared first then loaded.

Maintain separation from Antenna to Radio in TOC areas.  Unit’s needed to maintain separation such that co-site interference in minimized.  Units should obtain the extra long antenna cable for the OE-254 to help maintain this clearance.  Reference OE-254 TM for part number.

Operator Manuals

Make sure your have the -10's for all your communication equipment and your maintenance sections need the –20 manuals.


This AT period will find our units separated by great distances and NO MSE will be available to close this ling.  HF (AM) will be the means to resolve this issue.  Squadrons should be scheduling AM Comms checks with their troops/ companies at least quarterly; this will help maintain user knowledge and assurance that the equipment is working.  If you are having maintenance problems with these systems, let us know (Regt S-6 Section) and we will get you the assistance needed.


a.      PUBLIC AFFAIRS COVERAGE  Please contact the S-5 at email [email protected] or by mail to HQ,278th ACR, ATTN:  S-5 (MAJ Rhonda Keisman) if you have a significant event scheduled that would be of interest for public affairs coverage.  We will prioritize events and capture all that we can.  At minimum, squadron change of command ceremonies should be covered.

b.      EVENTS COVERED:  278th ADA Co  The Tennessee Army National Guard's 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR) continues to train after returning from the National Training Center (NTC).  The Air Defense Artillery (ADA) conducted Common Task Training (CTT) at Camp Hinch located at Fort Campbell, Kentucky during the November drill assembly.  They practiced and tested on various tasks that they feel are essential to performing their mission.  Other training events were Land Navigation and a four-mile long Force March.  Judging from attitudes and comments from soldiers, it was a meaningful and challenging training weekend.  Major Barry Roberson commands this unit and the First Sergeant is Sergeant First Class Dan Jennings.  HHT 278th ACR  CPT Ray Gipe relinquished command of the Headquarters Troop, 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment to CPT Owen Ray.  The change of command ceremony took place on Sunday, November 3, 2002, at the Regimental Armory in Knoxville, Tennessee 278th MI Co  The Military Intelligence Company, 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR) conducted a Change of Command Ceremony November 2, 2002.  Major Carla H. Decker handed over the guidon of the Military Intelligence Company to Captain (Promotable) Bobby Graves.

c.         Vacancy:   We have a vacant E-7 46Q, Journalist, position that we are looking to fill.  If anyone is interested in getting 46Q qualified, please contact MAJ Rhonda Keisman at email or phone number 615-313-2629.  You may also contact CW2 Fly at 865-582-3206.



a.      TADS UTILIZATION  Tracking of the TADS systems is a very critical report; this is a one page report that can be utilized to see the big pitcher of crew utilization. This report can be updated on the share file and is to be completed monthly by the 1st of each month.

b.      GUNNERY PREPARATION  Crew drill's and individual crew training is a must at all levels to ensure 100% crew Qualification during our GT VIII at annual training. Think of crew weapons qualification, just like we think of IWQ, the better we shoot the more lethal we are!

        The Battle Rosters, as of this date are now placed on the regimental training share file folder. Units must keep good records of all crew member training progress and report it on the new regimental battle rosters which are due at this HQ NLT 1st of each month.

        The new M1 and M3 commander's handbooks are completed and at the print shop in Nashville (STARC). I am still in the process of updating the Gunnery SOP.

        Reminder: Up coming range certification training for Ft. Knox KY will be conducted at the following locations, time and dates are as follows:

        18 Jan 03 1000EST Rogersville, TN 2/278 & 190ENG
        19 Jan 03 0800EST Lenoir City, TN 1/278 & SPT 278
        19 Jan 03 1400CST Gordonsville, TN 3/278


a.      USE CARE WHEN WARMING YOUR HOME  As temperatures dip down around the bone-chilling 20-degree mark this month, be careful how you warm your house.  Rural/Metro offers safety tips for people relying on wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, electric space heaters and kerosene heaters to heat their homes.  According to Rural/Metro, people living in rural areas are more than twice as likely to die in a fire than residents in midsized cities and suburban areas. Heating sources in many rural homes are part of that reason.  "These heating sources can pose a real threat if used improperly," said Kim Yager, Rural/Metro fire-prevention officer. "Its important to read the instructions and follow the directions. Give space heaters room to operate."  Use care when warming your home


Wood Stoves  Wood-burning stoves cause more than 6,500 residential fires each year.  Choose a stove with solid construction, such as plate steel or cast-iron metal.  Use only seasoned wood - not green wood, artificial logs or trash and keep combustible objects at least three feet away from the stove. Inspect and clean your pipes and chimney annually and check monthly for damage or obstructions.

Fireplaces  Fireplaces and chimneys need to be cleaned regularly to remove creosote, a flammable tar resulting from burning wood that collects on the walls. Inspect your chimney for cracks and obstructions and be sure the damper is open before you light a fire.  Do not burm trash, paper or green wood. Use a screen that covers the entire fireplace opening and is heavy enough to stop a rolling log. Make sure the fire is completely out before going to bed or leaving the house.

Electric space heaters  Buy only heaters that have an Underwrliter's Laboratory (UL) safety symbol. Be sure the heater has a thermostat control mechanism and will turn off automatically if it falls over.  Keep items at least three feet from the heater, and don't ever use a  heater as a table or to dry items.  Unplug the heater when not in use.

Kerosene heaters  Buy only UL-approved heaters and check with your local fire department on whether kerosene heaters are legal in your community, Only use crystal-clear K-1 kerosene, and don't overfill the heater.  Make sure the room is well ventilated to disperse carbon monoxide fumes.  For more information about fire prevention and safety, call Yager at 865-215-4662.

Fire Retardant for Christmas Trees  Every year many dreams result in tragedy as a result of Christmas trees catching on fire. Traditionally, we take a dead tree (usually a spruce or fir, which is highly flammable when dry) not properly prepared, set it in our homes and wrap it with electric wires. What an invitation for a fire!  Provided you follow the directions carefully, this remedy should make your Christmas tree fireproof.

*  Two cups of Karo syrup
*  Two ounces of liquid chlorine bleach
*  Two pinches of Epsom salt
*  One-half teaspoon of Borax
*  One teaspoon of chelated iron
*  Hot water

You can purchase the Karo syrup, Borax and liquid chlorine bleach from your supermarket. The Epsom salt can be purchased from the drug store and the chelated iron (pronounced key-lated) can be purchased from a garden shop or plant store.

1.      Mix your fireproofing ingredients listed above.  Fill a two-gallon bucket with hot water to within one inch of the top and add the ingredients.  Stir thoroughly, dissolving ingredients. Put to side.

2.      With a saw, take your recently-purchased Christmas tree and make a fresh cut at the base on the tree trunk. Cut an inch off the base of the tree.  Try to make a level cut.

3.      Immediately stand the trunk of the tree in the solution and leave for 24 hours.
4.      Keep the remaining solution. Place your tree in a tree stand that contains a well where liquids can be poured.
5.      When the tree is in its final resting place, use a plastic cup to pour solution from the bucket into the tree well. Fill the well.

6.      Every day without exception, the well of the tree stand must be "topped up" with the solution from the two-gallon bucket.

Follow these simple directions and your tree should be fireproofed. It may save your home and family from those fire tragedies we hear about around the holidays. If you're curious, after Christmas when you remove your tree, snap off a branch and try to set it on fire, OUTDOORS.

How does the solution work?
In a nutshell, the Karo syrup provides the sugar necessary to allow the base of the tree to take up water. Up to 1.5 gallons of water can be taken up by the tree over a two-week period.  Boron in the Borax allows the tree to move the water and sugar out to every branch and needle in your tree.  Magnesium compounds in the Epsom salt and iron from the chelated iron provide essential components for the production of chlorophyll which will keep the tree green. The bleach prevents mold from forming in your solution.  Some of the other beneficial side effects of this procedure are that the needles will not drop and you will notice an increase in natural pine fragrance. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Have A Festive Holiday Season.



278th Regimental Calendar

As of: 05-Dec-02

DATE    EVENT                   LOCATION                POC

DEC 02
07              RHHT (-) Drill          Knoxville                       RHHT RDNCO
07              MI CO Drill                     Nashville                       MI RDNCO
07-08           RGT Base Drill                                          RS3
08              190th Drill                     Russellville                    190 ENG RDNCO
13-15           Officer Cav Ball                Gatlinburg                      MAJ Archer
13-15           Enl Cav Ball                    Gatlinburg                      CSM Pippin
14-15           E-107 Drill                     Smyrna                  E-107 RDNCO
18              CLRT Review             Nashville                       RS4

JAN 03
04-05           A/1/278 Drill                   Catoosa, GA                     1/278 TNG OFCR
07-08           USR                             Knoxville                       RS3
11-12           R-STAFF Drill           Knoxville                       RS3
11-12           B/1/278 Drill                   Catoosa, GA                     1/278 TNG OFCR
11-12           K/3/278 Drill                   Jamestown                       1/278 TNG OFCR
11-12           L/3/278 Drill                   Ft.Campbell                     1/278 TNG OFCR
11-12           4/278 Drill                     Smyrna                  4/278 TNG OFCR
15-16           Readiness Cmt           Nashville                       RS3
17-19           ADA Drill                       Ft.Campbell                     ADA RDNCO
18-19           RGT Base Drill                                          RS3
21-23           State TNG Mtg           Smyrna                  RS3
25-26           D/1/278 Drill                   Catoosa, GA                     1/278 TNG OFCR
27-31           1A Sched Conf           Atlanta                 RS3

FEB 03
01              OCS Wkshp                       Knoxville                       RS1
02              3/278 CofCmd            Cookeville                      3/278 TNG OFCR
01-02           RGT Base Drill                                          RS3
08              1/278 CofCmd            Athens                  1/278 TNG OFCR
21-23           NGAT                            Nashville                       RXO
27-29           FTKKY Pre-Camp          Ft.Knox                 RS3