Tennessee Army National Guard, P.O. Box 10167
Knoxville, Tennessee 37939-0167


Publishing Date 1 February 2002
Bulletin Number 02-02


a.      Retention and Recruiting: During the past few weeks the President of the United States announced the largest increase in Defense spending in the past 50 years. Part of this is a pay raise. Our soldiers deserve it and we must make the best of this as a future marketing tool. We must also use our NTC rotation as a Marketing tool. I know some people are very apprehensive about this event but for the most part our soldiers are excited and looking forward to this adventure. It will be the best training that any of us has ever had. We need to sell this! Our strength has increased ever so slightly but we still are short soldiers. We can never let up on retaining and recruiting.

b.      MOSQ: I recently returned from the ARNG Senior Commander's Conference where the Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) General Shinseki, An LTC Schultz addressed the gathering. The number one issue was MOSQ. If the Regiment had all of its soldiers back from AIT and OBC we would be at 87% MOSQ of assigned strength. However, we don't and our strength is 81% so they measure against authorized strength. That puts us at 67% MOSQ. The Leadership of this Regiment can fix this by quality personnel management. Moving someone to a position that they are not qualified for should be the absolute last resort. Each Commander must know who is qualified and more importantly who is not. And, what is your plan to fix it.

c.      OPTEMPO: NGB met with the TNARNG and more specifically with the Regiment regarding OPTEMPO execution. Since the implementation of ULLS, tracking the utilization of our equipment is more definitive. Parts required, supply demand history, miles driven are only a few areas that are critical. DA allocates 270 miles for each one of our M1s and M3/2s. Our OPTEMPO funds are allocated based upon the fact that we will drive these miles. The most recent captured data indicated that we didn't execute but 43% of this. I know we did more but we simply didn't record it. This is done through correctly dispatching every piece of equipment and correctlt completing the 5988e. Commanders, place extreme emphasis on this NOW!

d.      OCS: Recently we had an OCS orientation held in Knoxville for those soldiers who are qualified and interested in entering State OCS. We had a total of 12 soldiers who are possible candidates. We are short Lieutenants in the Regiment. We must grow our own as our future and destiny is controlled internally. I want each unit to carefully look at your soldiers and identify those who meet the requirement. A sacrifice now will make a better unit later.

e.      Change of Command: Recently it has come to my attention that units in the Regiment are corresponding and communicating directly with State Headquarters. Commanders, this must stop now. All correspondence, communication and deals will be done through this Headquarters. This includes courtesy visits to State Headquarters.

f.      Red Cross: It is important that each soldier's family knows how to notify this Command through the Red Cross in the event of an emergency. It is also critical that each soldier understands that the Red Cross is a notification agency and not an approval authority. Bottom line; a Red Cross message does not mean that a soldier departs on emergency leave.

g.      Army Knowledge On-line: Every soldier in the Regiment must register in Army Knowledge On-line (AKO). This process only takes a few minutes. During IDT, set up a computer and designate a "smart guy" to help each soldier accomplish this task. Lots of good information can be found on the site. I want a roster kept of who has registered. I recommend that the soldier write his password down somewhere secure, as they are easy to loose.

h.      OERs: Each rater and senior rater in this Regiment must improve on their writing of OERs. Each rated officer must turn in a complete support form. More thought and definitive measurement must improve in both. Statements such as "I passed the APFT" are insufficient. You are expected to do that. Statements such as "I received 5 "Ts" of 7 evaluated tasks during externally evaluated lanes." Is a good statement?

i.      Critical Information: Each soldier should have already been told where he or she will serve at the NTC. Commanders, if this has not been accomplished then do so immediately.

j.      Security: I you listened to the President's State of the Union address, you clearly know that we are still at war. Beware of your surroundings and be cautions at your facilities. Keep your guard up.

k.      NGAT/EANGTN: If you have not paid your dues do so immediately. If you still owe from last year, clear that debt. Officers, your should support your NCO by becoming associate member of the Enlisted Association. It only cost $5.00. The NGAT Conference is 22-24 Feb 02 in Nashville at the Music City Sheraton. The Enlisted Association Conference is also in Nashville 22-24 March 02. Make plans to attend.


a.      OPTEMPO is definitely on an increase. We have completed Old Bill's University and are will execute our Logistics Exercise this weekend. This will be the final test of our logistic capabilities before we get off the plane in Mohavia. Our ability to sustain and maintain is absolutely critical to a successful deployment. If we can't fix, feed, fuel and support ourselves the exercise will be a futile effort. Logistics is what will keep us alive and allow us the opportunity to kill OPFOR. If you are part of the process and you see something going wrong it is your responsibility to fix it or tell someone that can.

b.      NTC special training is now our total focus. Meeting the entry level of the NTC requires we submit detailed reports of our individual training that demonstrates the soldiers have met the training requirement. Reports must be forwarded to Regimental HQ for reporting to the NTC. Suspense dates are posted and there are no surprises on when they are due.

c.      Work Opportunities. The opportunity to assist loading and unloading track and wheel vehicles will begin in early May. Continue to check with your soldiers to see who is interested in ADSW for this effort. In addition we are sending tank and Bradley crew's to FT Knox for maintenance on our NTC equipment. If you have crewman and maintenance soldiers interested let your chain of command know so we can fully resource the requirement. We need track mechanic MOS's to assist us as we prep the vehicles for the rail move to the NTC.

d.      Schools and the NTC. This is not a new subject but the requests to get out of going to the NTC have begun to come in. The focus for AT in 2002 is the NTC. If you desire a school it will not be in lieu of the NTC. If you cannot get away from work for the additional days of the course and do the 21-day AT at the NTC you will have to wait till 2003 to attend the school. Excuses from AT at the NTC will not be granted unless life and limb are at stake. We expect every soldier to do his duty next summer and be at the NTC. All of you are part of a team that depends on everyone doing their job to make that team perform. That makes the job that each of us has to do easier instead of having to do our job and theirs as well. If you are part of the team then I expect you to be a team player.

e.      Annual Officers Association Convention. The weekend of 22-24 February is the annual conference of the National Guard Association at the Sheraton Music City in Nashville. Many of you are regulars at this event and I want to make sure everyone is invited and aware of the intent of the conference. It is the one time each year we bring together all officers from the entire Tennessee National Guard (both Air and Army) in one location and get to hear from the senior leadership the state of our guard. It is also a great opportunity to get to see all the officers of the regiment in a social setting and enjoy the camaraderie of being a Cavalry Officer. Having said all that it also means it's time to pay your dues. Once again I thank those that have paid and ask those that haven't to get your money into your units treasurer. Being a member of the association puts you in touch with the organization that supports you every day of your military life. The association represents you on critical issues that keep the National Guard a relevant force in the armed forces of this great Nation. As an officer you have certain responsibilities that are incumbent on you to support. This is one.

f.      Maintenance of home station equipment. It looks like more home station equipment will be taken to NTC than originally believed. M88's are the first thing we will begin to look at for serviceability. Make sure you continue to check those home station assets for deployment. Just because you think it isn't going doesn't mean it won't.


a.      NCO-ER: The revised NCO-ER regulation (AR 623-205) is posted online at www.usapa.army.mil <http://www.usapa.army.mil/>. Once there, click on Army Administrative Electronic Publications and then scroll down to the AR 623 series. The date of the publication is 17 Dec 01 with an effective date of 17 Jan 02. All policies/procedures in the regulation are now effective and may be used.

b.      TY-03 BRIEF: If you are participating in the TY-03 Brief 9-10 February 02, I suggest you review your briefing from last year to not be redundant this year. There should be a change in STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES.

c.      ENLISTED ASSOCIATION: I will consider any suggestion on how we can improve our memberships in the Enlisted Association. The last print out reflected only 370 members from the 278th. Our conference is scheduled for 22-24, March 02 at the Holiday Inn Select 2200 Elm Hill Pike Nashville, TN. The Nashville group is planning a good old country shin-dig for us.

d.      NTC-RSR: I am just returning from a RSR with the 2ACR. I am convinced that we will do an outstanding job during our rotation. NCO's must stay alert and disseminate all information to accomplish this mission.


a.      RETIREMENT SEMINARS. The seminars conducted in Memphis and Jackson in January were very successful. However, there are still a few problems that need to be worked out.

1.      NO SHOWS were the largest problem. Out of 194 soldiers scheduled in west Tennessee, 70 were no shows. This creates a problem not only for the waste of seats that could have been used for soldiers on the waiting list, but also feeding. The meals are contracted - the number of meals cannot be altered afterwards. If this trend continues, contract meals will have to be discontinued.

2.      Other problems were late shows, soldiers wanting to leave before 1600 hrs, walk-ins, showing up without orders and not ready to start at 1000 hrs. It is the unit's responsibility to ensure that all soldiers scheduled for seminars are prepared and have the correct information to insure proper processing.

3.      All units who have soldiers scheduled to attend, must RSVP to the RS-1 (Attn: SSG Kirk) with attendees/nonattendees NLT 10 days prior to the scheduled seminar. This will enable soldiers on the waiting list to be scheduled and reduce the number of no shows.

4.      All soldiers who will be attending a retirement seminar must complete a DD Form 1883, before the seminar. SFC Moore will need 2 originals of this form prior to the seminar date. If the soldier has a 20-year letter dated prior to January 2001, a copy of the letter needs to be attached to the DD Form 1883.

5.      The next seminar is scheduled for Feb 9 and 10 at the Hampton Inn in Gallatin, Tennessee. If any units have soldiers scheduled to attend, please ensure they have orders and are briefed on date, time and location.

6.      There has been a change to the dates for the seminars being held in Chattanooga and Shelbyville. The Chattanooga date has been changed from 30 Mar 02 to 20 Apr 02. The Shelbyville date has been changed from 31 Mar 02 to 21 Apr 02.

7.      POC is SSG Mindy Kirk, DSN 921-3225, Comm (865) 582-3225, TNNET 3225.

b.      2002 MILITARY PAY TABLES. The January 2002 pay tales can be found at <http://www.dfas.mil/money/milpay/> along with BAS and BAH rates.

c.      2001 W-2s. All units should have received W-2s for all of their soldiers. W-2s received for members that are no longer assigned to your unit should be sent back to the Military Pay Officer for distribution.

1.      The earliest date W-2 reissue requests will be accepted is 11 Feb 02. When requesting a reissue, the following procedures will assist in timely processing:

2.      Unit will submit request for reissue on either a "J" transmittal letter (Message to MPS) or an ML Form 0441 accompanied by an ML Form 0700.

3.      The request must contain:       Member's Name and SSN
                                        Calendar Year for W2 Request

                                        Complete Mailing Address for W2

d.      ESGR SPONSORED BREAKFAST/LUNCH. The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) has offered to sponsor a breakfast or lunch for employers of soldiers within our units. They will cater this event at your location. This is a positive way to inform employers of what their employee does with the Army National Guard. You may request this event prior to NTC or after we return. Your request must include the employer's name and address in order to extend an invitation. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, submit a request for a date to MAJ Rhonda Keisman by e-mail at [email protected] <>.


a.      ATFP - The Force Protection level has been reduced but new threats are reported every day. We must stay vigilant in our watch for possible terrorist activities. Be aware of your surroundings and those around you. The airport guards will stand down in March.

b.      Security and accountability of Government property is all our responsibility. If you are signed for a piece of equipment it is your responsibility to safeguard that piece of equipment. If you "loan" any government property to a soldier, make them sign for it. Lost/Stolen equipment is paid for out of all our tax dollars. It is not just the Army that is losing money, it is all of us.

c.      Common Ground Station fielding has been delayed until the end of March. This system will greatly enhance the Regiments ability to exploit EAC intelligence assets. This system will allow the MI CO and the CGS operators the ability to participate in live exercises going on around the globe.

d.      Advanced Network Bridge will be tested at LOGEX. This will give the Regiment a durable and user friendly platform to use the TACLAN across the battlefield through the ASIP radio. This system allows the user to "Plug and Play" in the network with out having to build address books and no fragile connections between computer, ANB, and radio.

e.      Personnel Security Clearances - Units must become proactive in this arena. If a soldier no longer requires a TS or Secret clearance, do a 5247R to administratively downgrade their clearance. Be sure to check their SMOS to make sure the clearance level is not required. Units should not wait for drill to get the SF-86 to soldiers needing a periodic review. Mail the SF-86 to the soldier and have them return it at drill. The world situation is causing the system to slow down as it is. The Regiment does not need to add any more time to the process.

f.      ADSW Opportunities - There are several opportunities for MI ADSW tours at NGB. These are both Officer and Enlisted. If you are interested contact CPT Mitch Murray at (856) 582-3229 or [email protected] <>.

g.      LTP/TEWT - The RS-2 will not produce an Annex B Warno until after we arrive for the LTP. This means time will be an issue, as always. Everyone must come prepared with "fill -in-the-blank" mission analysis and order products. The OPFOR will provide vehicles during the TEWT to help us with time/distance factors. It is recommended for the S2's to get forward to see what the Scouts will be seeing and reporting. The RS-2 will use ASAS LT to push information during the TEWT.


a.      LTP & TEWT. The Regiment's final LTP before the NTC rotation will be 28 Feb - 6 Mar 02. We are planning on taking approximately 120 personnel from the NTC task organization. The LTP will be followed immediately by the TEWT on 6-10 Mar 02. The purpose of this exercise is to conduct a walk through of deployment, RSOI, tactical missions, re-generation and re-deployment in preparation for our NTC Rotation 02-09. This TEWT will focus on the Regiment's maneuver commanders down to platoon leader/platoon sergeant level. The Regiment is shipping almost 100 vehicles (mainly HMMWV's) to Ft. Irwin to support this event. Make sure that everyone who is on the list to attend has been notified that they are attending, and that you have a good phone number or email for plane departure information updates!

b.      Yearly Training Briefing (YTB-03). The Regiment's YTB is currently scheduled for 10 Feb 02. We will have a rehearsal on the afternoon of 9 Feb 02. The MOI has been published. The Regimental Yearly Training Guidance has been published.

c.      Right Seat Ride Info. Recently, several leaders from RHHT, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Squadrons participated in a force-on-force Right Seat Ride with O/C's at the NTC. I highly recommend this program to all leaders. Although the weather was extremely harsh (23 F with a 42 knot wind!), we managed to garner a few nuggets of wisdom that may benefit us:

1.      Keep retrans operational even when repositioning on the offense.
2.      Upon repositioning any C2 cell, ensure good communications with all required parties (both at their current & future positions) before setting up.

3.      The Corps' FM antenna is on Tiefort Mtn. If you have to talk to them, you must have line-of-sight with Tiefort Mtn.

4.      Same issue with JSTARS, which flies a track to the NW of the "box".
5.      Follow your Attack Guidance Matrix (AGM) to ensure swift and sure destruction of HPT's when found.
6.      Ensure your main effort's task & purpose nests with your higher Hq's task & purpose. If it doesn't, someone's wrong, and it's probably you!

7.      K.I.S.S. Simple, doctrinally sound orders with plenty of time for rehearsals start the unit on the road to tactical success at the NTC.

8.      Maintain momentum. Don't let "2 BMP's & a dog" stop the whole troop. Use fire and maneuver to develop the situation, and don't forget to report!

9.      Stay away from the blinking yellow lights! Something killed them -- and it will kill you if you get close enough!


a.      OBU was a great success. Our soldiers performed extremely well. I quote GEN Hughes, Deputy Chief of Staff, FORSCOM, " your TOCs looked like TOCs, your soldiers looked like soldiers, and your training was excellent." Be proud of this accomplishment, but we can't afford to rest on our laurels. I want us to improve in two areas: 1) Digital & FM rehearsals (Tgt #, MTO, Splash, Rounds Complete, End of Mission, etc...) after our terrain cloth rehearsal. 2) Scheme of fires development (3 point Tgt groups the width & depth of the battlespace, radar coverage CFZs, CFFZs, ATIs, etc...). These two areas are extreme critical in executing a complete fire support plan. We're in pretty good shape, but we can get a whole lot better.

b.      Our LTP and TEWT at NTC are rapidly approaching. The RFSE will be using a matrix form Annex D for orders production. I encourage Sqdn FSOs to review this FS matrix and see if they too want to use it. I firmly believe this matrix type Annex D will increase the speed at which OPORDs are completed, thus allowing more time for rehearsal and refinement. Contact SFC Williams, RFSNCO @ 865-582-3255 for a preview of this format.

c.      I spent last week in the desert at Ft. Irwin observing the 2nd ACR's rotation. I followed two battles and monitored their battle preparations from the Regt TOC. I witnessed to two FS rehearsals and one FS AAR. I want to preface my comments by telling all of you - from a Fire Support point of view - " Our Regimental REDLEGS are doing a lot of things right." Here are my observations:

d.      We, as artillerymen, must strive to stay in the fight. Without us the fight is easily lost. Don't let our maneuver elements or enemy out of our umbrella of coverage. ARTILLERY is KING OF BATTLE and let no one forget it!


a.      Safety Visits. I am scheduling a safety visit with the Squadrons in April. The visit will last 2 hours. There are a number of topics that need to be covered if we are to be prepared for NTC. Every unit in each squadron will send a Safety Officer and Safety NCO to their respective Squadron Headquarters for this meeting.

1.      The tentative schedule is as follows:

a.      1/278: Saturday, 06 April 02, 0900 hrs
b.      3/278: Saturday, 06 April 02, 1300 hrs
c.      2/278: Sunday, 07 April 02, 1000 hrs
d.      SPT/278: Sunday, 07 April 02, 1400 hrs
e.      The Engineers can go to either SPT/278 or 2/278.
f.      The Chem Co and HHT RGT will go to SPT/278.
g.      The 196 FA BDE, MET Section, HHB, and1-181 FA BN, will go to 1/278

2.      I will schedule a meeting at State Hqs in May for the following units:

a.      ADA, MI, 913 ENG, 269th MP Co (-), 105th Wx Flight

3.      I will schedule a meeting in Jackson in May for the following units:

a.      3-115 FA BN and A/107

b.      Additional Duty Appointments. I must have a copy of unit orders in memorandum format assigning each safety individual as an additional duty. Below the commander's signature I need a signature line for the individual receiving the additional duty with his/her signature (Too many soldiers have additional duties and don't even know it). Make copies: one for your additional duty file, one for your safety file and one for the individual. Email it to me at [email protected] <>. Do it this weekend. Send them on Monday.

c.      No Success without Safety. I know everyone wants to be successful at NTC. We all want to win the war - "outfox" the OPFOR. But if you fail Safety, someone will get seriously hurt or killed. This is unacceptable. Make sure you are integrating safety into everything that you plan using a Risk Management Worksheet. It is required. Anyone can do it. How many units completed worksheets during the planning process for the LOGEX this weekend? Commanders, you know you will be loading your tracks and wheeled vehicles at rail sites in May. You will need to submit RM worksheets to me prior to that operation.

d.      Safety First!
e.      NGAT Hospitality Room. In reference to NGAT, the 4th Squadron will host the Hospitality Room for the Regiment. Last year the Hospitality Room was a huge success. Our hope is to build upon this success to make this year's hospitality room better than ever. We are having a Mardi Gras Celebration with Cajun food, costumes and Louisiana music. I encourage each member of this command to come to the Music City Sheraton in February and get dressed for Mardi Gras. We hope to see the entire officer corps of this Regiment there on Saturday morning for the business session. Be in uniform (Class Bs), wear your Cav Hats and represent this Regiment with pride. The dates are 22 thru 24 February with a golf tournament on the 21st. See you there.


a.      MILES prep for NTC.

1.      Don't forget to conduct your individual MILES training prior to our rotation. Your local TASC can support the equipment requirement.

2.      Please review the vehicle list that was sent to all squadrons and separate units. The required information of vehicle function needs to be completed and returned NLT 12 Feb 02.

b.      AFIST XXI News. We will be the first unit to field the new systems. We should start the fielding in March. It will take 5 days for each squadron.

c.      A/B FIST News. The Regiment is in the loop of the review of the systems operation of the soon to be tested M3/M2 AFIST system. We should be in the testing and fielding some time in the early part of TY-03.


a.      LOGEX. LOI and Lane Book was distributed via e-mail. Remember this is a Squadron effort. The results of Ole Bill University exercise will be the LOGEX starting point. As the CTCP or any rear Command Post the battle tracking and situational awareness is required. Start the exercise correctly with updated graphics and charts.

b.      EXCESS AND LATERAL TRANSFERS. The Regiment has 64 lateral transfers to complete within our organization. We continue to make strides. Excess remains an issue. Squadrons and Separate Units need to make the conscious decision to load an appropriate size vehicle and turn in to USPFO.

c.      INFORMATION AVAILABILITY. After reviewing several items the past two weeks, I am convinced we have the answers to the test (NTC). I have reviewed CDs labeled "NTC Heads Up" with info concerning Redeployment, CSS, and Class IV packaging. We need to review all materials available to us and be proactive in planning and preparing our units / soldiers for success at the National Training Center.

d.      AUEL. Units that did not complete its AUEL / DEL must do so by the end of this month.. POC is CPT Sharp.
e.      LOG MEETING. Next Regiment Logistic meeting is 230900Jan 02 in Knoxville, TN. Attendees are each NTC rotational unit Supply Sergeant, each Sqdn Sr Supply NCO, and OMS Chiefs.

f.      Rail Load Dates. Dates have been distributed. Units can be proactive and start planning convoy operations to each respective rail site. SSG Sturgill is POC.

g.      Radio Shipment to NTC. WARNO. All vehicles shipped to NTC will not have radios installed. More to follow.