Tennessee Army National Guard, P.O. Box 10167

Knoxville, Tennessee 37939-0167




Publishing Date

5 January 2000

Bulletin Number 00-01




a. STRENGTH: As of 29 November 1999, the strength percentage for the Regiment is 85%.

b. SIDPERS: When submitting favorable documentation to SIDPERS, i.e., grade changes or extensions, a TN 0345 (Weight Statement) is required. However, when you submit a TN 0584 (Request for Personnel Action) there is not a requirement for a TN 0345.

c. ENLISTMENT PHYSICALS: In accordance with AR 135-91, paragraph 3-3, soldiers who have not completed IADT are not subject to unsatisfactory participation processing. DO NOT carry a soldier AWOL or unexcused absent if they have not completed AIT. Soldiers may drill for pay. If soldier elects not to attend drill, report the soldier as constructive credit.

Soldiers who report to the MEPS and found temporarily medically disqualified for overweight or have unpaid traffic tickets or court fines may be retained in the ARNG. Soldiers who enlist under 270 day or 360 day delay must ship within these time frames and delays beyond 270 or 360 days may not be granted for overweight status or for pending civil action. Example of this policy below:

Example: Soldier enlists 1 Jan 98 under 270 day delay. Reports to the MEPS 180 days later on 30 May 98,and found to be overweight, has 90 more days to ship. You cannot delay beyond 270 days for overweight.

Glossary non-prior service soldiers may be paid for all drills attended. Same rules apply for personnel reporting in accordance with AR 135-91, as stated in paragraph 4 above.

d. CHAPTER 2 PHYSICALS AT MEDDAC: Effective immediately, the following pertains to prior service physical requirements:

1. Prior service applicants who still have status (initial eight-year military service obligation, and prior to six months after initial military service obligation discharge) can be enlisted with a Chapter 3 physical.

2. Prior service applicants who no longer have status (more than six months after military service obligation discharge) must have a Chapter 2 physical.

3. MEDDAC's can no longer conduct Chapter 2 physicals.

e. TUITION ASSISTANCE: Rates for tuition assistance beginning on 1 Oct 98 is 75 percent of tuition costs up to $187.50 per semester hour. The maximum yearly allowable amount is $3500 per year. (Reference: Memo, TAPC-PDE, HQ, USA TAPC, Subject: Army’s Tuition Assistance Policy Guidance - Fiscal Year 99, 30 Jul 98) Soldiers who do not complete a course (and exit with a failing grade) due to non-attendance will have tuition assistance funds recouped. (Reference: Memo, NGB-ARP-PP, Subject: Clarification on Method of Obligation for FY-97 Tuition Assistance Funds, 21 Jul 98)

f. MONTGOMERY GI BILL RATE INCREASE: Increased rates for the Montgomery GI Bill are effective 1 Oct 99. Monthly rates for colleges and other institutions are $255 for full-time, $191 for ¾ time, $127 for ½ time, and $63.75 for less the ½ time.

g. ARMY PAY CENTER MILITARY PAY INFORMATION LINE: The Army Pay Center (DFAS) now has a military pay information line. The number is 1-800-755-7413. The soldier must go to the Army test menu by pressing 1. Then simply follow the instructions. This number should be used by all TN ARNG soldiers for pay inquiries to include amount and deposit date of last payment.

h. TRAVEL COSTS: Federal employees who travel on government business should be aware of the new GSA policy with regard to hotel taxes. Previously, a federal traveler might wind up paying for hotel taxes out of his or her own pocket because the hotel rate was set at the prevailing per diem rate. Under the lodgings-plus system in effect, travelers are only reimbursed for actual hotel rates up to a fixed maximum for a locality. The new system allows hotel taxes to be reimbursed as a separate miscellaneous expense.

i. ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST: Effective 1 October 1999 all soldiers will be tested under the new Army Physical Fitness Test.

j. DRILL ATTENDANCE POLICY: Several states have recently contacted NGB concerning the inability to continue paying soldiers who had reached the pre IET drill cap. FY 98 enlistment criteria established the drill limit as 270 for high school graduates. If you have someone who has exceeded the 270 mark then they are being paid erroneously and should be removed from pay status. Recoupment of monies paid erroneously is not required. The FY 99 enlistment criteria states that the Adjutants General can personally extend personnel beyond 270 for very specific categories specified in paragraph 4-4a(3) of the enlistment criteria. This criteria was effective starting in September 98 and therefore no one should be eligible until at least July 99. Request that you thoroughly screen your personnel in Pay Category "P" to ensure that erroneous individuals are removed and that close attention be placed in this area to ensure compliance with FY 99 enlistment criteria. The reason that the criteria went into effect for September 98 is due to a shortage of training seats for those young individuals who wanted specific MOS.

k. ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIER: When soldier(s) are ordered to active duty for 8 days or more, there are two important steps that must happen for the soldier to be paid promptly upon completion of duty.

1. On the first day of duty their orders must be certified that the individual "reported for Duty" and forwarded to Military Pay on a numbered TL.

2. Upon completion of the duty their orders must be certified "that the duty was

performed" and forwarded to Military Pay on a new TL.

l. DD 1351-2 Reviewers: Reviewers of travel vouchers should ensure accuracy of the following blocks before forwarding to USPFO-Travel:

  1. Is itinerary complete?
  2. Did claimant sign?
  3. Is travel by POC; is block marked?
  4. If travel is one day, is duration of travel indicated?
  5. Are appropriate receipts attached?
  6. Copy of orders attached?
  7. Did soldier request split disbursement, if government travel card was used?
  8. Is SNA control number indicated if certificate of non-availability is used?

m. MGIB KICKER: Effective 1 October 1999 thru 1 March 2000, the MGIB kicker is $100.00 per month:

1. NPS (CAT I-IIIa)(minimum ASVAB score 50) for designated high-priority units; and currently serving personnel in high-priority units who have served at least 3 consecutive years in the ARNG and who extend to show a six year obligation on or after 1 Jul 99.

2. AD Army soldiers who come from active duty (no more than 30 days after discharge) to the ARNG for 6 years can receive the Kicker amount only for the $100.00 per month.

3. Recruiters and unit personnel are reminded that 1 copy of the Kicker contract (NGB Form 5435-1-R) should be given to the recruit/soldier and the ORIGINAL must come to the ESO.


1. It is imperative that all Government Travel Card cardholders be informed about the use of the Split Disbursement Option method of reimbursing the NationsBank/VISA for charges made to the Travel Card.

2. This information should be of special interest to the frequent and long-term travelers who may not be in a position to receive mail during periods of TDY. There have been occasions where the traveler, because he/she did not have access to the Travel Card statement of charges, failed to make timely payments to NationsBank. These travelers found that NationsBank suspended the card if prompt and accurate payment was not made by the date specified.

3. Use of the Split Disbursement Option allows the traveler to send the amount charged against the card directly to NationsBank. He/She may continue on the TDY period without interruption in the Government Travel Card Service. The procedures are as follows:

a. Upon completion of the TDY period (or every 30 days for long term travelers) travelers will complete the DD Form 1351-2, Travel Voucher or Subvoucher. Long-term travelers are encouraged to use the Split Disbursement Option. Those individuals should be provided with the necessary forms to file a PARTIAL CLAIM FOR REIMBURSEMENT every 30 days. The traveler should fax the completed 1351-2 along with copies of receipts (where required) and orders to the USPFO Resource Management Division, Voucher Exam Branch at FAX # CML (615) 313-0877/DSN 683-0877 with a cover sheet stating in large bold letters PARTIAL CLAIM FOR REIMBURSEMENT. These partial claims for reimbursement are priority 1 because of the traveler's need to keep the reimbursement cycle flowing. It is advisable for the traveler to obtain the telephone number of the Voucher Exam Branch prior to departing on travel. The numbers are CML (615) 313-0879/DSN 683-0879.

b. Block #1, Payment, offers various methods of payment. One of the methods is Split Disbursement. Put an X in that box. (See #4, below, for information regarding forms that do not show the Split Disbursement Option in Block #1)

c. This method also allows travelers to indicate the amount of money that should be forwarded directly to NationsBank. Total all receipts showing exactly what was charged to the VISA and write that amount where the form asks Amt to Govt Tvl Charge Card $_________

(Block #1, Payment). Traveler may also write ALL on the line and all but $6.00 of the reimbursement will be sent to NationsBank.

d. For the older DD Forms 1351-2 that do not show the Split Disbursement Option in Block #1 (Payment) go to Block #22. In block #22 (Accounting Classification) write the following statement:

Amount to Government Travel Card $_________________.

Travelers will then proceed to follow instructions shown in #3, above, by writing in the total dollar amount charged against the card or the word ALL.

4. It should be emphasized that NationsBank is suspending Government Travel Card privileges without hesitation if payment is not made according to terms of the acceptance agreement signed by each cardholder. Privileges may (emphasis on may) be reinstated if the account balance is paid in full by the date NationsBank determines appropriate. This reinstatement of privileges is strictly the decision of NationsBank. NationsBank does look favorably upon those travelers who have used the Split Disbursement Option but through some quirk of the system payment did not arrive by the specified date.

5. Many travelers are under the assumption that the Travel Card Company does not have to be reimbursed until he/she is reimbursed by DFAS. This is not the case. Cardholders need only to read the terms and conditions of the NationsBank/VISA agreement to understand that waiting to receive DFAS reimbursement is not acceptable. The reimbursement from DFAS for charges placed against the Government Travel Card does not belong to the individual but to NationsBank. This should be considered a temporary loan from the card service and is to be repaid in full by the date determined by NationsBank.

6. All travel reimbursement claims must be reviewed prior to being forwarded to the USPFO Voucher Exam Branch. Reviewers should question a traveler who has not marked the Split Disbursement Option and indicated the amount to be forwarded to NationsBank. There should be not reason that the traveler would not want the card service reimbursed as soon as possible.

7. For the benefit of travelers and Commanders, request that Unit Commander or the individual in the unit who handles travel card matters, brief all cardholders on this correspondence. I sincerely believe that it will cut down on future problems.

8. Questions regarding this information may be directed COL Noles at commercial (615) 313-2633/DSN 683-2633, SSG Janice Crocker at commercial (615) 313-2634/DSN 683-2634 or 1SG Jerry Fowler at commercial (615) 313-2635/DSN 683-2635.

o. EMPLOYER SUPPORT FOR GUARD AND RESERVE: Each unit has been invited to honor their employers with a local breakfast or lunch to show appreciation for their support to the Tennessee Army National Guard. Please poll your units and have interested units contact CW2 Polly Fly at (423) 594-3206. This breakfast or lunch will be funded by ESGR.

p. PAY RAISES FOR FY 00: There will be two military pay raises next year, the basic pay raise, 4.8% at last report, on January 1, 2000 and targeted pay raises on July 1, 2000 which can be up to 5.5% for those few who receive it. The targeted pay raises are one-time adjustments to the military pay scale that do not apply to everyone but rather based on rank and time in service. More information will be provided, as it becomes available.

q. NEW SPECIAL PAY: As part of the fiscal 2000 Defense Authorization Bill, DOD and the Congress are working on three new special pays for FY 2000: career enlisted flier incentive pay, special warfare officer pay and surface warfare. The career enlisted flier incentive pay would apply to all services, while the special warfare officer pay would only apply to Navy SEALs.

r. IDT POINTS: National Guard members are eligible to earn up to 75 inactive duty points per year (effective after 23 September 1996 as of your Retirement Year Ending Date (RYE)). All soldiers are encouraged to review RPAS and ensure all points are posted. Documentation must be submitted to verify points.

s. COMMISSARY PRIVILEGES: Reserve soldiers are now entitled to 24 visits to the commissary. New policy also allows National Guard members on state active duty for federally declared disaster operations to use commissary stores. This applies only while the member is on state active duty. A copy of orders stating the individual in serving in support of a federal disaster. The new 2000 commissary privilege card will contain 24 blocks for recording dates of visits. Soldiers need the commissary privilege card should contact their unit.


(1) NGAT Awards Program: The suspense for submission of NGAT Awards is 7 January 2000. Recommendations should be submitted to National Guard Association of Tennessee, ATTN: Awards Committee, 4332 Kenilwood Drive, Nashville, TN 37204-4401. The purpose of these awards is to recognize achievements and meritorious service of individuals. Interested individuals should contact unit representatives for criteria and examples for submission of awards.

(2) NGAT Scholarship Program: NGAT has allocated $9,000.00 for scholarships. One scholarship ($1500.00) is exclusively for active members of the Tennessee Army or Air National Guard. Two scholarships ($1500.00) are for active annual or active life members of the NGAT (these scholarships may be awarded to son or daughter of an annual or life member. Two scholarships ($1500.00) are for active members of the Tennessee Army or Air National Guard (if an active member does not qualify the scholarships may be awarded to any qualified son or daughter of a member). One scholarship ($1500.00) is for active members of the Tennessee Army or Air National Guard or their qualified son or daughter, who were mobilized in support of Desert Storm. Interested individuals contact unit representative for applications. Application must be submitted to NGAT NLT 15 June 2000. An additional scholarship of $500.00 (MG Jerry R. Wyatt Memorial) is also being awarded. Criteria for application may be obtained through your unit representative.

u. MICA Scholarship Program: The Military Intelligence Corps Association provides scholarship for enlisted members (active and reserve) of the Military Intelligence Corps. Applicants must be graduate of an accredited high school or posses a GED, be accepted by an undergraduate college, university or state approved vocational program and agree to maintain a 3 credit hour schedule during off-duty session. The application must contain 3 letters of recommendations, two of which must be written by the Squadron Commander and Command Sergeant Major. The recommendation should be one-page, single spaced and detail the applicant educational goals. Also include a transcripts from all colleges or universities attended or a copy of high school diploma or GED Certificate. For additional information contact your unit representative. Applications must be received NLT 31 May 2000.

v. Youth Camp 1999: Youth Camp will be held in Smyrna, TN during 25 June 2000 – 1 July 2000.

w. W-2: 1999 W-2 will be bulk-mailed to USPFO by DFAS. Hopefully the W-2s will be available for distribution to unit personnel during the January MUTA. It is recommended units have soldiers sign for their W-2s.

x. BANK OF AMERICA GOVERNMENT CARDHOLDER: Bank of America has issued "Holiday Convenience Checks" to some of the cardholders. Please be advised that these checks are not a part of the Government Travel Card program. This program is only for individuals who have a Military Banking Debit Card. Do not use these checks unless you have a Military Banking Debit Card.

y. INTERSERVICE PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT TRAINING PROGRAM: Personnel interested in the PA program should contact CW2 Fly at 423-594-3206. The desired experience is 36 months in 91 CMF or other medical MOS; 24 months in civilian sector as medical personnel; 60 hours college (30 in residence); GT Score 110. For further information please contact CW2 Fly.

z. CAS3 WAIVER: The Army has waived CAS3 as a selection criterion for the 2000 Major Promotion Board for Reserve Components.


a. There are several training opportunities available for MI soldiers. These opportunities span periods from two weeks to a month or more. These ranges from live exercise augmentation, SCIF work in Utah, or drug work in South America. Any interested soldier should contact their S2 or contact 1LT Mitch Murray, (865) 594-[3262] / DSN 921-[3262].

b. The SEARISC is conducting S2/ACE Combat Operations courses on the following dates 18-24 January, 03-14 April, and 21 August - 01 September. The course will be conducted at the RTI Smyrna, TN. They are also are having ASAS workshops 18-28 January, 03-14 April, and 21 August-01 September. POC 1LT Mitch Murray.

c. There are numerous opportunities to learn the intricacies of the NTC; Right-Seat Ride, OC Academy, OPFOR Augmentation, and Rotational Augmentation. The S2 shops need to take full advantage of these opportunities. The 118th eSAB is in need of 98G and 96R OC's for their rotation. This would be a fantastic opportunity to see the NTC operations from the inside. POC CPT Robert Covert (865) 594-[3234] / DSN 921-[3234].

d. Soldiers holding Confidential and Secret Clearances are now subject to periodic review. The list of soldiers who need to update their investigations will be published NLT 06 January. STARC can now grant interim TS Clearances after completion of the complete Security Clearance packet and review by DPER-C. If there is ANY derogatory information in the packet the interim TS will not be granted by STARC.



a. TASS UNIT PRE-EXECUTION CHECKLIST. Units are still failing to complete this checklist. Commanders who certify that a soldier meets prerequisites when he/she doesn't could be liable for that soldier's pay and travel! There is a new checklist out. Make sure you have the right one. The following new info just came out:

  1. Effective 1 Feb 00, all soldiers reporting for training at a TASS training institution must have in their possession a completed pre-execution checklist, signed by the soldier and the unit commander.
  2. Unit commanders will ensure all soldiers, including walk-ons, enrolled in institutional training meet course prerequisites. Soldiers who report for training must have in their possession a completed pre-execution checklist signed by the soldier and the unit commander. The pre-execution checklist will be used to verify routine prerequisites such as line scores, PULHES, and DA Form 1059. Unit commanders can further certify the completion of prerequisite testing/evaluation (i.e. typing test). Documentary evidence of security clearance, physical profile, waivers, and other non-routine prerequisites are required in addition to the pre-execution checklist. The unit commander's signature on the pre-execution checklist will suffice as certification that the soldier meets routine course prerequisites (as stated above) IAW all requirements of the course as listed in DA Pam 351-4 (U.S. Army Formal Schools Catalogue), the ATRRS prerequisite screen, and DA Pam 611-21 for MOSQ courses.
  3. Soldiers reporting for training without a signed checklist will be given seventy-two hours from the report date to provide the checklist with appropriate attachments. Soldiers attending IDT courses will be given until Saturday of the second MUTA-4. After this time, soldiers will be returned to their units. The purpose is to enforce the importance of the chain-of-command preparing their soldiers for training. The pre-execution checklist is a pre-enrollment requirement for all TASS institution courses except OCS, CAS3, CGSOC, and the SGM course. The pre-execution checklist is found in appendix H of TRADOC Regulation 351-18.

b. NTC PROJECT TEAM. We welcome CSM Jim Nelson to the NTC Project Team. CSM Nelson will add much experience to the team. He can be reached at (423)594-3226.

c. NTC LEADER MEETING. The Regiment will conduct an NTC Leader meeting at the Knoxville armory on 15-16 Jan 00. It will begin at 1000 hrs on Saturday.

    1. Following personnel should attend:
      1. Regiment: RCO, RCSM, RXO, S1, S2, S3, S4, FSO, Asst S3, NTC Project Officers
      2. Squadrons: Commander, CSM, XO, S2, S3, S4, FSO, Tng Officer
      3. Separate Units: Commander, 1SG, RNCO
    2. Come prepared to develop training plans and make decisions. Bring writing materials, computers, MTP's, FM's, etc.
    3. The bi-monthly Commanders' Meeting will be conducted on the evening of 15 Jan 00. Normal briefing in effect.

d. NTC TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES. Numerous training opportunities exist at the NTC. Among these are Observer/Controller Augmentation (to include O/C Academy training), Right-Seat Rides with an O/C, and actual participation "in the box" with either the rotational unit or the OPFOR. Contact the NTC Project Officers for more info.

e. AFIST VS. VIS-3. Latest news on a fix for the compatibility problem: PM Abrams will fund new connection cables to hook-up the AFIST to the VIS-3. We should have them in a couple of months.

f. TWGSS/PGS REPAIR. If you have problems with your TWGSS/PGS systems, don't despair! They are covered by contractor repair. Call Karen Berggren @ 1-800-927-5994.



a. Thanks to 4/278 for their support on the Leaders Training Program movement. Well done.

b. Equipment Transfers. In conjunction with the RPBO, we are scrubbing last quarter’s USR and directing lateral transfers to increase our readiness posture. For example, Thunderbolt has an ERC A shortage; Warriors has that same item on hand in an ERC B line. We will transfer that item to fill the ERC A shortage.

c. Excess Property. If you have it, turn it in. If you have it and want to keep it, justify it.

d. Lateral Transfers. This applies to transfers whether inside or outside of the regiment. If you are the gaining unit, get it coordinated. If you are having problems with the losing unit, get me involved. If you are the losing unit, get the property prepared for transfer. If the gaining unit is not coordinating the transfer, get me involved.

e. Movement Plans. Reference 278-RS4 memo, subj. Mobilization Movement Plan and Deployment Movement Plan, dtd 08 Nov99. IAW FR 55-1, we have a biannual requirement to update unit movement plans. Every AA unit in the regiment is due for update. Get your MCO on it. S: 15 Jan 00.

f. Surveys. Just as a general rule. When a third party soldier’s name is mentioned in a sworn statement as part of a survey, get a sworn statement from that third party soldier also and include it in the survey.

g. All M113 maintenance and operator personnel. Bad track has killed/injured. Do these checks before and after vehicle operation. This information is in the latest -10 manual(s) for the M113A3, TM9-2350-277-10, w/chg. 1, Mar 95. The M113A2, TM9-2350-261-10, w/chg. 5, July 90. A new warning will soon appear in the -10 TMs.

    1. PMCS check for track tension: track adjuster cannot exceed 17". This is the maximum.
    2. Sprockets and cushions: use track and sprocket gage, P/N 12253280, to check for wear.
    3. Roadwheels, idler wheels, hubs: check for rubber chunking, mounting bolts/nuts, proper service of grease in hubs.
    4. Shocks: follow guidance in -10 manual.
    5. Know what to do before your track breaks.

h. VIC-3 Fielding M1A1s. The RPBO is working with USPFO on the status of the remaining CVC components from this fielding. Our recommendation to them is an AAR. In the meantime, do not turn in any CVC components. The State POTO states the Mobile Closed Combat Tactical Trainer (MCCTT), will not operate with VIC-3 headsets. Once we get further definition on the old CVC component status, we will make up a set of CVCs for the MCCTT that units will hand receipt when they use the trainer.

i. Winter. Just a reminder. Ensure items such as water buffaloes, generators, vehicles, and heaters are mission capable. Review the TERP plan and be ready.

j. AT00 Checklists. Separate Units and SQDNs, AT00 checklists are due to the RS-4 shop 31 Jan00.



FAREWELL: I am in the process of transferring to Support Squadron as their CSM. I look forward to this challenge, serving with a Squadron which controls the blood of the Regiment. I will always cherish the memories of being selected as the Regimental CSM. I can say it was a challenge and a learning experience, but very rewarding, knowing that I had a chance to meet requirements of soldiers across the state.

Many thanks goes out to the Regimental Staff and Headquarters & Headquarters Troop for their support while serving as the Regimental CSM. We welcome CSM Jim Nelson to the Regiment from 2nd Squadron, to assume the position of Regimental CSM. We pledge our support to CSM Nelson as he steps forward to meet the challenge. I salute the Regimental Commander and past commanders that I have served and commend them on their responsibilities they have expected as Commander of the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment.

"We as NCO's will set the example."

January 2000

3-14 Deprocess & Hand Receipt 14 Paladins @ Ft. Campbell, KY MAJ Hensley
4-16 APR M1A1 Block G MWO @ Ft Knox, Ky MAJ Hensley
5-6 Sqdn/Sep Unit USR Briefs @ Knoxville Armory MAJ Archer
8-9 Regimental Base IDT COL Price
9 Mobilization Readiness Assistance Team Visit for 278 MI Co @ Nashville MAJ Archer
10-14 IFSAS Training @ Knoxville armory CPT Knott
14 Mobilization Readiness Assistance Team Visit for 3/278 @ Cookeville (includes subordinates) MAJ Archer
15-16 NTC Leader Meeting @ Knoxville COL Price
17 HOLIDAY - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day  
19-20 State Readiness Committee Meeting @ Nashville MAJ Archer
22-23 Paladin OMNET (45D) @ Maryville, TN MAJ Archer
24 Paladin Meeting @ 1430 in DCSOPS Conf Room MAJ Archer
25-26 State Training Meeting - Squadron Training Officers will attend MAJ Archer

February 2000

4-6 Paladin Pre-Camp @ Camp Shelby, MS MAJ Hensley
5-6 Regimental Base IDT COL Price
19-20 Paladin OMNET (45D) @ Maryville, TN MAJ Archer
19-20 Paladin OPNET @ Maryville MAJ Archer
21 HOLIDAY - President's Day  
25-27 National Guard Assoc of TN Conference @ Nashville, TN  

March 2000

4-5 Regimental Base IDT COL Price
4 Mobilization Readiness Assistance Team Visit for 278 CM Co @ Oak Ridge MAJ Archer
6 Mobilization Readiness Assistance Team Visit for HHT/278 @ Knoxville MAJ Archer
7 Mobilization Readiness Assistance Team Visit for 1/278 @ Athens (includes subordinates) MAJ Archer
11-12 Paladin OMNET (63D) @ Maryville, TN MAJ Archer
24-26 Enlisted Assoc Nat'l Guard of TN Conference @ Chattanooga CSM Nelson

April 2000

1-2 Regimental Base IDT COL Price
5-6 USR Briefings @ Knoxville MAJ Archer
8-9 Paladin OMNET (63D) @ Maryville, TN MAJ Archer
8-9 Paladin OPNET @ Maryville MAJ Archer
15-16 Yearly Training Briefing @ Smyrna MAJ Archer
17-21 Financial Readiness Workshop CW2 Fly
17-27 M1A1 Block G MWO @ Jamestown MAJ Hensley
20 State Readiness Committee Meeting @ Nashville MAJ Archer
28-30 Old Bill's University @ Smyrna CPT Knott
28-4 MAY M1A1 Block G MWO @ Mcminnville MAJ Hensley

May 2000

6-7 Regimental Base IDT COL Price
5-8 M1A1 Block G MWO @ Ashland City MAJ Hensley
8-9 M1A1 Block G MWO @ Springfield MAJ Hensley
10-26 M1A1 Block G MWO @ Ft Campbell, Ky MAJ Hensley
20-21 Paladin OMNET (63D) @ Maryville, TN MAJ Archer

June 2000

3-4 Regimental Base IDT COL Price
10-24 AT-00 @ Ft. Knox, KY

1/278(-), O/4/278, (-)SPT/278

COL Price
24-25 Regimental Base IDT (ILO Jul IDT) COL Price

July 2000

8-22 AT-00 @ Ft. Knox, KY -- 278 ACR (-) COL Price
20 State Readiness Committee Meeting @ Nashville MAJ Archer
29-12 Aug AT-00 @ Ft. Knox, KY

3/278(-), Q/4/278, (-)SPT/278

COL Price
29-20 Aug Paladin NET @ Camp Shelby - All HWB's MAJ Archer

August 2000

5-6 Regimental Base IDT COL Price

September 2000

9-10 Regimental Base IDT COL Price