Tennessee Army National Guard, P.O. Box 10167
Knoxville, Tennessee 37939-0167


Publishing Date 09 January 2003
Bulletin Number 03-01



a.      RETENTION and RECRUITING  I recently sent out a document that was a handy reference sheet on the benefit in belonging to the TNARNG.  Recruiting produced this reference sheet.  I find that most people, especially senior leaders, don't know completely what the TNARNG has to offer in order to "sell" the product.    What are we going to do to help strength?  I need your recommendations.  My email is [email protected]  Send me your thoughts.  We have to help ourselves and yes, it is every soldiers, every leader, every member of the Regiments problem! 

b.      PUBLIC INFORMATION  About two years ago I directed that each TRP/CO/BTRY appoint someone to serve as their Media/Information Representative.   Some units took this serious and some blew it off.  This is an excellent recruiting tool and a way to recognize your unit and soldiers.  I want this resurrected immediately.  CPT Ben Smith is the Regiment POC.  He will issue specific guidance.  Each month something should be submitted to the local media and they should be invited to your events.

c.      MAINTENANCE  Recently several units have under-gone "Pre-CLRT" inspections.  The results have been terrible.  Our maintenance records are in bad shape.  The findings have indicated that it's not a lack of technical knowledge but a lack of effort and discipline.  Things like properly dispatching vehicles, drivers training programs, maintenance SOPs, proper TMs/FMs etc...,   These things are simple to fix with some effort.  I want each Commander to do an immediate evaluation on their maintenance program.  I don't expect perfection but I do expect effort.  Failing the CLRT will have negative consequences for us all.

d.      PHYSICAL SECURITY  Again the Pre-CLRT inspections have discovered numerous inadequacies in our physical security program.   Simple stuff like vehicle security with improper chains and locks, access rosters to vaults, not updating documents when Commanders change, are items that are being discovered.  This is "nug" work that must be accomplished.  Commanders-it's your responsibility!  Squadron S-2s-you must be looking and helping fix your units.

e.      SUPPLY ROOMS  The Pre-CLRT Inspection has discovered that we don't know how to do showdown inspections.  In almost every case, 5 of 10 individual clothing records were wrong.  This is supply Sergeant business.  Commanders-are your sub hand receipts in order?  I can tell you that in most cases they are not.  I am seeing lots of surveys with un-accounted for equipment because lack of HRs and lots of people are being held financially liable.  I hate to sound so negative about  supply accountability but it is serious business and cost people real money!  Commanders-you are the "bottom-line."

f.      BCBST  The seminar is next month at FT Leavenworth, KS.  16-21 FEB 03.  Make sure that you are taking the correct people.  Everybody that goes must be capable and involved, not standing around waiting for it to be over.  We have made staff changes across the Regiment.  People in new jobs must prepare for this event prior to arrival.  Bring the right tools and one of the right tools is a positive attitude.  We have done this before and forgotten the same "tools".  Review past events and bring what you need to succeed. 

g.      OCS  1 February 03, in Knoxville, the OCS seminar will be held.  We are critically short officers.  There are multiple ways of becoming an officer of which OCS is the most prevalent in the TNARNG.  Within the OCS program there are now other options that our soldiers can request.  "OCS Fast Track" is a way to complete the process quicker.  Make sure all your possible candidates are informed and attend the seminar.  We are raising our future leaders.

h.      EANGTN/NGAT  It's time to pay our dues.  If you have not, pay them this drill (January 03).   The Leadership of the Squadrons and the Regiment does not need to be chasing folks down to get their dues.  The NGAT Conference will take place in Nashville 21-23 February 03.  The EANGTN Conference will be held in Memphis 22-24 March 03.  These are great events.  Make planes to participate.  You can only make changes if you are involved.  Professionals belong to professional organizations.


During my years of service I was often called on to council young officers who had gotten in trouble with their OERs. There is nothing worse than a bad OER because it stays in your records for your entire career and affects your promotions, selection for assignments, and schools from that point forward. All officers should strive to do their absolute very best in any assignment they are given. Officers are obligated to work hard; to take care of their assigned duties and their men; and to look after the needs of their commander and the command.

In one case I remember a young aviator who constantly went out of his way to be a smart ass which really annoyed his boss. The young pilot did an excellent job but the constant smirking attitude, sulking, and "smart" remarks that did not support his commander wore thin with his boss. When the young pilot's OER came around, the young man was given a low rating for attitude and judgment that insured he would never be selected for CW3. There was nothing that could be done in this case because it was the commander's honest evaluation of the young man and was supported with facts. The OER stood on its own merits and became a part of his permanent record.

This case brings to mind the point that commanders are solely responsible for everything their units do or fail to do. Given this fact, commanders are entitled to absolute loyal support from their subordinates short of doing something illegal. Yes, you should offer your opinions with your boss, but when the boss says he wants to do something (the salute point) it should then be your desire to support your commander to the best of your abilities just as if the commander's plan was your plan or your idea. If you have problems with this concept of command and loyalty, you are in the wrong profession. The commander is the one person who is held totally liable for every person and item of equipment under his command. He is responsible for everything his command does or fails to do. Civilians can't comprehend this concept of command because in no other profession can one man shoulder such a tremendous burden of absolute responsibility and be held so accountable where wrong decisions could have such a total and final result. Your boss deserves, and is entitled to, your total and absolute support just as you will be entitled to that support when your day comes to step into the box and assume command.


a.      SOLDIER READINESS PROCESSING  The SRP schedule is on the streets and will commence IAW the published schedule.  The SRP will require thousands of man-hours to complete requiring reams of paper.  Soldiers will be required to bring in their marriage certificates, divorce papers, birth certificates and many other specific documents.  Get ahead of the program and start digging those documents out so the process isn't stopped by lack of documentation.

b.      SUPPLY ACCOUNTABILITY  During several recent CLRT inspections the following items were found as major discrepancies:

        These 4 findings are easily correctable.  I expect squadron to check their units immediately.  Simple things should not be that hard to correct.  If we can get all the way to the NTC and back then surely we can fix a hand-receipt. 

c.      MAINTENANCE  The CLRT inspections have proven what we already knew.  We are broke at the organizational level on our maintenance.  We must insure our vehicles are dispatched properly during IDT and logged back into the ULLS system to capture the mileage and the maintenance status.  If it isn't done correctly then it isn't happening since that's the only way it gets reported.  The mileage report is how we get funded.  The OMS cannot do it all.

d.      CALENDAR  Without a doubt the plate has more on it this year than last.  The NTC train up was a full time job but it didn't have anything on this year.  As you look at the calendar attached to this newsletter you will see that we are trying to accomplish a long list of things in a very short amount of time.  By the time most of you see this we will have done our initial staff assessment on the regimental order that will be fought during our Warfighter in June.  Concurrently we are doing SRPs, Unit change of commands, gunnery, MOSQ schools, CLRT inspections, CSDP inspections as well as continuing to prep for the BCBST Seminar in February.  Even as we move toward the seminar units continue to plan for their approaching Annual Training periods.

e.      OFFICER'S ASSOCIATION  Our annual holiday ball in Gatlingburg was again a large success.  It is always good to see everyone in a social gathering where fun is the prime event--not more Army Training.  It's hard to believe it's time for the NGAT conference in Nashville again.  The conference will take place the weekend of 21-23 Feb at the Sheraton Music City.  Hope to see as many of you as possible at the business meeting on Saturday morning the 22nd.  We have a new governor this year and as most of you know MG Hargett has been re-appointed as the Adjutant General.  It should be an interesting conference.  I'd like to ask those of you that haven't to please pay your dues to the regimental officers association.  Professional people belong to professional associations and this is yours.  Please do the professional thing and support your association with your dues.


a.      NCO CHARGE FOR ALL REGIMENTAL NCOs  I do solemnly dedicate myself to uphold the traditions, the dignity and the high standards of the United States Army Corps of Noncommissioned Officers. I willingly accept the responsibility for the actions, good or bad, of everyone under my command and supervision. Should I observe errors or actions detrimental to the service, committed by any subordinate; I will have the moral courage to take immediate corrective actions. This I recognize as my greatest obligation as a Noncommissioned Officer.

b.      SOLDIER OF THE YEAR BOARDS  The Soldier of the Year Board for HHT REGT, 190th, Chemical Co, ADA and MI Co has been changed from 18 January to 1 February. This change is due to the weekend of 18 January being dedicated for the Governor's Inaugural activities. The Regimental Soldier of the Year Board will be held for all units, including the Squadrons, 1 February starting at 0900 in the RCSM's Office. Prior to the Board all units will send their soldiers packets to the RCSM. The packets will include the following: Letter of recommendation signed by the 1SG and endorsed by the unit's Commander, readable updated copies of the soldier's PQR-DA 2-1, biographical sketch (military standard), last three copies of the soldier's NCOER (E5 and above), copy of DA Form 705, copy of weapons qualification.  Soldiers must be MOSQd and must not have any military or civilian convictions within the last 24 months. Please note that each unit will be represented by two soldiers: an NCO and an enlisted.

c.      PROMOTION BOARDS  The EPPS Board for 2003 will be held 15-16 March at RTI. All Senior Leaders will make sure all promotion packets meet the criteria as stated in the appropriate regulations. I want to break the habit of having stand by boards due to "bad" packets.

d.      TRAINING  I want all Senior NCOs (E7-E9) to study the new FM 7-0 Training the Force (this used to be FM 25-100). It will be to your advantage this training year to know how the army trains, battle focused training, mission essential task list development, planning, execution and assessment.


a.      PROMOTION REQUIREMENTS  Effective immediately, promotion to higher grade can not be completed with a copy of college transcripts. Any transcript that has "Student Copy" or any words to that effect will not be accepted. The transcript must be an original with the raised embossed seal. This is in accordance with NGR 600-100 9-4 d. CNGB will not accept any other form of transcripts.

b.      SOLDIER READINESS PACKET (SRP)  As most are aware, we have been tasked to provide support to state in completion of SRP. There has been three teams developed within the Regiment to help support this action. Each member of the team is required to attend a DCSPER class. The units have been furnished with a list of the members of each team and a copy of the scheduled training sessions. Our first visits will begin in January and scheduled to finish in June.

c.      FAMILY READINESS GROUP  We are looking for a volunteer to be the Family Readiness Group Leader for the 278th ACR.  The Family Readiness Group Leader would be responsible for coordinating with all Family Readiness Groups in the Regiment along with other responsibilities.  This person should be a non-MDAY volunteer.  Please contact the RS1 at 865-582-3206 if you know someone who would be interested in this position. There is a meeting on April 5th and 6th of 2003 concerning our Family Readiness. More information will be provided in future editions as we learn the details concerning this meeting.

d.      MWR FUNDS  MWR needs your help. There is a new policy in place concerning MWR if a unit fails to submit their receipts within 30 days from the time of the event their account will be frozen. This policy is being implemented in order to clear up outstanding debts across the state. All squadrons and separate units are aware of this and working to clear up any issues the have.  Please feel free to forward any questions regarding MWR to SGT Vineyard @ 582-3225.

e.      RETIREMENT SEMINARS  If you have a soldier with 19 good years of service or more and they have not been to a retirement seminar, please schedule them immediately for one. SFC Diana Moore is responsible for putting together these retirement seminars. She cannot help our soldiers without us helping them also. We are doing our soldiers an incredible injustice if they have 19 years and are not scheduled for a seminar.

f.      EPPS PACKETS  Due to circumstances out of our control, State headquarters has changed their suspense date from 15 March to 01 March 03. This has forced the Regiment to put a suspense date of 15Feb03. I know this puts a hardship on the units and takes away a drill period to complete the promotion packets but this has to happen. This was due to SRP's and other factors not considered at initial suspense date.


a.      OPSEC  It is unfortunate how rumors in small towns (cities too) are spread; it is disturbing on how they get started.  Inevitably it starts from "someone" who knows "somebody".  I understand how in today's information-hungry society, any and every tidbit of information is worthy and being commented on by an endless parade of "experts".  It is on TV every night.  Do not speculate to friends, relatives or co-workers on if or when we may be activated, nor what our mission might be. Just politely say, "I see what you see on the news" and leave it at that.

b.      MILITARY MAPS  The BCBST requires us to use a series of maps that we have not used before.  Even though it is an NTC scenario, there are three new sheets that have not been used previously.  This week, SGT Holloway will mail three BCBST map sets (12 sheets each) to each Squadron HQ and two sets to each Separate Unit. If you need additional copies, be sure to order them in time for BCBST/WFX.  POC for these matters is SGT Holloway at Regimental HQ, (865) 582-3227 / DSN 683-3227 / TNNET 3227.

c.      DOCTRINE  I have mentioned previously the COE training tapes and CD.  The BCBST training will be "less painful" if these have been reviewed and/or briefed prior to attending.  They have been issued to and signed for by:

                1st Squadron            CPT Mitch Murray
                2nd Squadron            CPT Brad Bowlin
                3rd Squadron            SGM Tim West
                4th Squadron            MAJ Rob Covert
                RSS                     CPT Andrew Grubb

        See the individuals above to view the tapes and copy materials for the CD. Separate units can coordinate through the RS2 shop for a separate viewing.  The primary reference material will be FM 7-100.2 TACTICS.  Local printing and reproduction is required.


a.      REGIMENTAL GUNNERY ALL SYSTEMS  Units of the Regiment are now engaged in preliminary gunnery activities.  I would like to say again this month how important this is.  All units are reminded to use the regimental gunnery SOP dated 1998.  During high tempo dangerous operations SOPs save equipment and help prevent accidents.  All units will use our SOP and follow its guidelines as published.

b.      YTC  The 278th Yearly Training Calendar has been published the past three months.  This calendar is the official Regimental document for tracking resources and training activities.  It will be published monthly with the Chips.  If you update any training plans, move drills etc...a memorandum will be submitted to this HQ attn RS3.  If the change makes sense and does not conflict with any other regimental activity it will be approved and then the calendar will be changed/updated.  This document/calendar will be utilized in tracking major training dates, de-conflict resources and provide a document to our traditional Guardsmen (M-Day) that they can plan with.  CPT Turner will be the point of contact.  We will use this to correlate the training schedules, date site reports.

c.      BCBST  The BCBST seminar will be 16-21 FEB 03. Units should begin preliminary actions required for MDMP at Fort Leavenworth.  (Gather the tools)  OPS SGMs:  Have your TOC boxes ready NLT one week prior, as they will be hauled via truck with our ADVON personnel.  These boxes will NOT be placed on any aircraft on day of departure.

d.      SRPs  SRPs have been directed by the TAG to be accomplished before May of this year on all Tennessee Army National Guard Units.  We have done initial work on the training calendar to ensure that training resources will be minimal impacted by this event.  Some units will have to shift drills, reschedule some events--be prepared.  Guidance will be published as soon as our proposed schedule is approved.


a.      OPTEMPO.  The RS-3 section has published the forecast of how the Regiment will meet the OPTEMPO requirements during FY-03.  RS-4 section and MMO will continue to monitor and track ULLS-G data quarterly (during USR) to provide necessary information to the RS-3.  The new ULLS-G skip 9 contains an equipment usage record that allows automatic calculation of mileage.  POC is CPT Miller.

b.      CSDP  FY 03 CSDP was published and distributed 2 Jan 03.  Each Separate Unit and Squadron HHT will receive two this FY.  The first visits focus is the checklist provided in the CEP.  The second visit is to review corrective actions and focus on CLRT checklist.

c.      NEW EQUIPMENT FIELDING  New Medical sets for each squadron, HHT,  and 190 EN Co is scheduled 13-21 Mar 03 in Knoxville.  Equipment roll up was distributed via e-mail the week of 12 Nov 02.  Memo TBP and POC is MAJ Darnbush.  Prophet Ground is cancelled.

d.      BCBST  Main body seminar dates are 16-21 Feb 03.  All personnel will billet on post at Hoge Hall.  Advance detachment dates are 13 -15 Feb 03.  First and Second Squadron are required to provide one each GSA mini-van (memo TBP).

e.      CENTRAL ISSUE FACILITY (CIF) CONVERSION  References.  Memo dtd 27 Nov 01, AGTN-DOL; Memo dtd 11 Mar 02, USPFO-SS; memo dtd 5 Nov 02, AGTN-DOL.  Units were to complete 100% showdown inspection of all soldiers prior to 1 Oct 02.  Memo with specific guidance for the Regiment TBP and POC is MSG Lewis.  For planning purposes, each squadron and separate unit should notify this Hqs with anticipated date(s) when subordinate units are ready for the state conversion team visit.

f.      COMET.  FY 03 COMET schedule was distributed October 2002 and January 2003.


a.      FIRE SUPPORT BATTLE ROSTERS  To increase readiness, the RFSE has published an MOI that has been sent to each ground and aviation squadron outlining the Battle Roster requirements.  This is to be reported using the share file that has been established per the MOI and is to be updated the 1st of every month.

b.      HWB/ MORTAR (IDT) LFX  1st and 2d Squadron LFX's are currently scheduled for 07-09 and 14-16 FEB 03 respectively.  Airlift at this point is currently unassigned.  Cut-off criteria has been set for the event.  More to follow.



a.      PUBLIC AFFAIRS COVERAGE  Please contact the S-5 at email [email protected] or by mail to HQ,278th ACR, ATTN:  S-5 (MAJ Rhonda Keisman) if you have a significant event scheduled that would be of interest for public affairs coverage.  We will prioritize events and capture all that we can.  At minimum, squadron change of command ceremonies should be covered.

b.      VACANCY  We have a vacant E-7 46Q, Journalist, position that we are looking to fill. If anyone is interested in getting 46Q qualified, please contact MAJ Rhonda Keisman at email [email protected] <> or phone number 615-313-2629. You may also contact CW2 Fly at 865-582-3206.


a.      CREW BATTLE ROSTER  Reminder that all crew battle rosters are to be kept up to date at all times, but the required date of review is the 1st of each month (Note: I have been asking for this information for the last four months).  After reviewing each Squadron I have noticed some crews are not completing the required 16 hrs of simulation training prior to GT VIII qualification.  ALL CREWS WILL COMPLETE THIS REQUIRMENT PRIOR TO BEING PERMITED TO ATTEMPTING THEIR GT VIII QUALIFICAITON.

b.      RANGE OPERATIONS  Remember when planning your range operations to keep your plan in operation order format.  All crewmembers should know the order prior to arrival at the range, and should have rock drilled the plan so only slight adjustments have to be made upon arrival at the range.

c.      CREW REFERENCES MATERIALS  The M1 and M3 crew members hand books have been issued to the Squadron Master Gunners as of 6 Jan 03; this document is a good hand book for all Commanders and Gunners at a minimum. This document can be carried in your cargo pocket.

d.      RANGE CERTIFICATION TRAINING FOR FT. KNOX KY  Range certification training for Ft. Knox, KY will be conducted at the following locations, times and dates:

        18 Jan 03 1000est Rogersville, TN       2/278 & 190ENG
        19 Jan 03 0800est Lenoir city, TN               1/278 & SPT/278
        19 Jan 03 1400cst Gordinsville, TN      3/278


a.      NEWSLETTER  Besides the information I put out in "Chips", I also put out a Safety Newsletter during the month.  I want these newsletters to go out to every unit in the Regiment down to detachment level.  In every unit, every readiness NCO, commander and 1SG (NCOIC), at minimum, should receive it.  If they don't have a military address, get their personal email address (AOL, CompuServe, etc.)  Send them to me so I can put them on my list.  I want more than full timers to read this info.  Readiness NCOs need to print this info out, post it on a bulletin board, use it for a safety briefing at a formation or in a classroom before a class begins, etc.  An SOP will be forthcoming.  Meanwhile, don't let this info go to waste.  Anyone who wants to can get on the list.  Every Squadron Headquarters will make sure your units are receiving the newsletters as I explained above. 

b.      SAFETY OFFICER & NCO APPOINTMENTS  Go ahead and put a Safety Officer and NCO on orders as an additional duty.  Put a line below the commander's signature block for them to sign so they can't say they didn't know they were assigned the additional duty

c.      RISK MANAGEMENT WORKSHEETS (RMWS) FOR GUNNERY  The RS3 shop will send out RMWs to all of the Squadrons concerning their gunnery training over the next year.  The squadrons will review and adjust them and will pass them down to their units for them to review, revise and apply.  The units will send their revised copy back to their Squadrons who will revise theirs and send it back to the RS3.  This is how it works.  Call me if you don't understand.


Take care, take your time, and stay alert.


278th OBC Regimental Calendar                          
As of: 09 JAN 03                               
JAN 03                         
11-12   R-STAFF Drill   Knoxville       RS3    
11-12   B/1/278 Drill   Catoosa, GA     1/278 TNG OFCR 
11-12   K/3/278 Drill   Jamestown       1/278 TNG OFCR 
11-12   L/3/278 Drill   Ft.Campbell     1/278 TNG OFCR 
14      COMET   Trp F, 2/278    CSMS E 
14      CSDP inspection ADA BTRY        RS-4   
15      CSDP inspection M.I. Co RS-4   
15      COMET   CO H, 2/278     CSMS E 
15-16   Readiness Cmt   Nashville       RS3    
16      COMET   Det 1 HHT, 2/278        CSMS E 
17      COMET    HHT, 2/278     CSMS E 
17-19   ADA Drill       Ft.Campbell     ADA RDNCO      
18-19   RGT Base Drill          RS3    
18      FTKKY Range Brief       Rogersville, TN 2/278 TNG OFFCR
19      FTKKY Range Brief       Lenoir City, TN 1/278 TNG OFFCR
19      FTKKY Range Brief       Cookeville, TN  3/278 TNG OFFCR
21-23   State TNG Mtg   Smyrna  RS3    
22      CSDP Inpection  278 Chem. Co    RS-4   
23      CSDP Inpection  HHT, 278 ACR    RS-4   
25-26   D/1/278 Drill   Catoosa, GA     1/278 TNG OFCR 
27-31   1A Sched Conf   Atlanta RS3    
28      CSDP Inspection 190th ENG       RS-4   
29      CSDP Inspection HHT(-), 2/278 ACR       RS-4   
FEB 03 
01      OCS Wkshp       Knoxville       RS1    
02      3/278 CofCmd    Cookeville      3/278 TNG OFCR 
01-02   RGT Base Drill          RS3    
03      COMET   Trp C, 1/278    CSMS E 
04      COMET   Det 1 HWB, 1/278        CSMS E 
04      CSDP Inspection HHT,SPT/278     RS-4   
05      COMET   How Btry, 1/278 CSMS E 
06      COMET   Co D, 1/278     CSMS E 
07      COMET   Det 1 Trp C, 1/278      CSMS E 
08-09   1/278 Drill             1/278 TNG OFCR 
08      1/278 CofCmd    Athens  1/278 TNG OFCR 
7-9     2/278 (-) Drill         2/278 TNG OFCR 
8-9     M/3/278 Drill   Fort Campbell   3/278 TNG OFCR 
7-9     190th Drill     Tullahoma       190th RDNCO    
10      COMET   Det 1 Trp B, 1/278      CSMS E 
11      COMET   Trp B(-), 1/278 CSMS E 
12      COMET   Trp A, 1/278    CSMS E 
12      CSDP Inspection HHT, 3/278 ACR  RS-4   
13      COMET   HHT, 1/278, 1/278       CSMS E 
14-16   G/2/278 Drill   Fort Knox, KY   2/278 TNG OFCR 
15-16   I/3/278 Drill           3/278 TNG OFCR 
16-21   BCBST Seminar   Ft. Leavenworth RS3    
20      CSDP Inspection HHT, 1/278 ACR  RS-4   
21-23   NGAT    Nashville       RXO    
21-23   H/2/278 DRILL   Fort Knox, KY   2/278 TNG OFCR 
22-23   K/3/278         3/278 TNG OFCR 
24      COMET   Trp C, SPT/278  CSMS E 
25      COMET  
Det 1 Trp A, SPT/278    CSMS E 
26      COMET   Trp A(-), SPT/278       CSMS E 
27-29   FTKKY Pre-Camp  Ft.Knox RS3    
27      COMET  
Det 2 Trp B, SPT/278    CSMS E 
28      COMET  
Det 3 Trp B, SPT/278    CSMS E 
MAR 03 
1-2     RGT BASE DRILL          RS3    
03      COMET   Det 1 Trp B, SPT/278    CSMS E 
04      COMET   Trp B, SPT/278  CSMS E 
05      COMET   HHT, SPT/278    CSMS E 
06      COMET   278 Chem Co.    CSMS E 
07      COMET   HHT, 278        CSMS E 
7-9     HWB/1/278 DRILL
7-9     L/3/278
8-9     1/278 DRILL (-)         1/278 TRNG OFCR
8-9     2/278 DRILL             2/278 TRNG OFCR
8-9     ADA DRILL               ADA RDN NCO    
8-9     190TH ENG DRILL         190 RDN NCO    
11      COMET   Det 2 Trp N, 4/278      CSMS W 
14-16   K/3/278
14-16   HWB/3/278      
14-16   278 CHEM DRILL          CHEM RNCO      
17      COMET   Trp P, 4/278    CSMS E 
17      COMET   Trp Q, 4/278    CSMS E 
18      COMET   Trp T, 4/278    CSMS E 
19      COMET   Trp o, 4/278    CSMS E 
19      COMET   Det 1 Trp N, 4/278      CSMS E 
20      COMET   Det 1 HHT, 4/278        CSMS E 
21-23   M/3/278
28      2/278 DRILL             2/278 TRNG OFCR
APR 03 
29 MAR - 12 APR 2/278 / 190 EN  A.T. @ FORT KNOX        2/278 CDR      
02      COMET  
Det 1Co A 107 AVN(-)    CSMS   
03      COMET   Co A 107 AVN(-) CSMS W 
5-6     RGT BASE DRILL          RS3    
4-6     HHT, I/3/278 DRILL     
05      COMET   Det 1 Trp T, 4/278      CSMS   
05      COMET   Co R, 4/278     CSMS   
05      COMET   Co S, 4/278     CSMS   
06      COMET   Trp N, 4/278    CSMS   
06      COMET   HHT, 4/278      CSMS   
09      COMET   Det 1 Trp L, 3/278      CSMS   
10      COMET   Trp L, 3/278    CSMS   
11      COMET   Co M, 3/278     CSMS   
11-13   B/1/278 DRILL   CATOOSA 1/278 TRNG OFCR
11-13   L, M/3/278     
14      COMET  
Det 1 How Btry, 3/278   CSMS   
18-20   C/1/278 CATOOSA 1/278 TRNG OFCR
21      COMET   How Btry, 3/278 CSMS   
22      COMET   Det 1 Trp K, 3/278      CSMS   
22      COMET   Trp K, 3/278    CSMS   
23      COMET   Trp I, 3/278    CSMS   
24      COMET   Det 1 HHT, 3/278        CSMS   
25      COMET   HHT, 3/278      CSMS   
25-27   A, D/1/278      CATOOSA 1/278 TRNG OFCR
25-27   K/3/278 DRILL  
MAY 03 
06      CSDP inspection ADA BTRY        RS-4   
07      CSDP inspection M.I. Co RS-4   
07      CSDP inspection HHT(-), 4/278 ACR       RS-4   
14      CSDP Inpection  278 Chem. Co    RS-4   
15      CSDP Inpection  HHT, 278 ACR    RS-4   
20      CSDP Inspection 190th ENG       RS-4   
21      CSDP Inspection HHT(-), 2/278 ACR       RS-4   
JUN 03 
31 MAY-1 JUNE   RGT BASE DRILL          RS3    
03      COMET   Det 1 190th ENG CSMS E 
04      COMET   190th ENG       CSMS E 
07      190 EN DRILL            190 RDNCO      
07-08   1/278 (-) DRILL         1/278 TNG OFCR 
07-08   F/2/278 DRILL   HOLSTON AMMO    2/278 TNG OFCR 
07-08   MI CO DRILL             MI RDNCO       
07-21   3/278, CHEM, ADA        A.T. FORT KNOX  3/278 CDR      
07-21   RSS     A.T. FORT KNOX  RSS CDR
07-21   4/278  
A.T. FORT CAMPBELL      4/278 CDR      
14-28   RHHT, MI CO    
A.T. @ SMYRNA, TN       278TH ACR CDR  
20-22   B, C/1/278      FT KNOX, KY     1/278 TNG OFCR 
20-22   278 WFX SMYRNA, TN      RS3    
20-22   HHT, HWB/2/278          2/278 TNG OFCR 
21-22   G/2/278 DRILL   HOLSTON AMMO    2/278 TNG OFCR 
22      3/278 DRILL             3/278 TNG OFCR 
22      RSS DRILL               RSS TNG OFCR   
27-29   A,D 1/278 DRILL FT KNOX, KY     1/278 TNG OFCR 
28-29   H/2/278 DRILL   HOLSTON AMMO    2/278 TNG OFCR 
JUL 03 
08      CSDP Inspection HHT,SPT/278 ACR RS-4   
12-13   RGT BASE DRILL          RS3    
16      CSDP Inspection HHT, 3/278 ACR  RS-4   
17      CSDP Inspection HHT, 1/278 ACR  RS-4   
18-20   F,G,H/2/278     CATOOSA 2/278 TNG OFCR 
22      COMET   Cp E 107 AVN    CSMS   
AUG 03 
1-3     RGT BASE DRILL          RS3    
9-10    HWB/2/278       CAMP SHELBY, MS 2/278 TNG OFCR 
9-10    190TH DRILL             190 RDNCO      
SEP 03 
06-07   RGT BASE DRILL          RS3    
08      COMET   Det 1 278 MI CO CSMS W 
09      COMET   278 MI CO       CSMS   
13-14   1/278 DRILL             1/278 TNG OFCR 
13-14   B,C/RSS/278    
12-14.  K/3/278         3/278 TNG OFCR 
19-21   L/3/278         3/278 TNG OFCR 
26-28   M/3/278         3/278 TNG OFCR