Tennessee Army National Guard, P.O. Box 10167
Knoxville, Tennessee 37939-0167




Publishing Date
5 May 2000
Bulletin Number 00-05



a. RETENTION & RECRUITING. The Regiment continues on a downward spiral in personnel strength. However, I have seen some positive aspects of our intensive effort in improving our communications with the junior enlisted in our units. I personally feel that this effort, by you leaders, has solved some nagging problems that have existed in our units for sometime. I also feel that you have done a decent job in purging your units of ghost that were being carried on our strength report. Additionally, I have reviewed our past six months strength figures and am seeing somewhat of a bottoming out of losses. Presently, I view 1/278 as having the biggest turn around, particularly in the last two months.

Now, having said that, I do not want any of you to think that we are at an acceptable level of strength. We are not and we are nowhere near our goal. We have to continue to look at retention and recruiting on a daily basis. We have to support the REP-63 program, which presently is producing a number of new recruits and a wealth of potential prospects. We must plan, support, and follow-up on local displays in our communities. Last but not least, we must continue to incorporate the recruiting force into our plans and training events. As a team we can and will turn our strength numbers around but it will take every level of leadership's involvement and support. I see it very simply, together we survive and separated we fail.

b. SAFETY. For those who haven't noticed we are on a train headed toward annual training that is picking up speed at an astronomical rate. This is nothing unusual for you leaders. However, as the speed increases the time to react decreases and with it comes decisions that must be made almost on the spur of the moment. With this in mind, I want all leaders to assure themselves as well as their unit that the decisions that are made have considered all of the safety aspects that will be involved in it's execution. Leaders must do risk assessments before, during, and after all training events. We must view a large part of our success as one that returns all of our soldiers home in the same condition as the day they left their love ones.

c. ANNUAL TRAINING 2000. During annual training I will personally listen to each unit commander’s operation order, observe his rock drill, rehearsal, and hopefully his orders process. I have decided to make my final decision, based on the above events, as to which "flags" will be selected to go to the National Training Center in 2002. I realize that some will consider this to be an additional added pressure but I will assure you that this in no way compares to what you will be subjected to at the National Training Center. Be prepared for the up coming annual training 2000. A lot of important decisions weigh in the balance.



a. STRENGTH: As of 1 May 2000, the strength percentage for the Regiment is 82%, with total population 3, 971 soldiers.

b. ARMY PAY CENTER MILITARY PAY INFORMATION LINE: The Army Pay Center (DFAS) now has a military pay information line. The number is 1-800-755-7413. The soldier must go to the Army test menu by pressing 1. Then simply follow the instructions. This number should be used by all TN ARNG soldiers for pay inquiries to include amount and deposit date of last payment.

c. TRAVEL COSTS: Federal employees who travel on government business should be aware of the new GSA policy with regard to hotel taxes. Previously, a federal traveler might wind up paying for hotel taxes out of his or her own pocket because the hotel rate was set at the prevailing per diem rate. Under the lodgings-plus system in effect, travelers are only reimbursed for actual hotel rates up to a fixed maximum for a locality. The new system allows hotel taxes to be reimbursed as a separate miscellaneous expense.

d. MGIB KICKER: Effective 1 October 1999 thru 1 March 2000, the MGIB kicker is $100.00 per month:

1. NPS (CAT I-IIIa)(minimum ASVAB score 50) for designated high-priority units; and currently serving personnel in high-priority units who have served at least 3 consecutive years in the ARNG and who extend to show a six year obligation on or after 1 Jul 99.

2. AD Army soldiers who come from active duty (no more than 30 days after discharge) to the ARNG for 6 years can receive the Kicker amount only for the $100.00 per month.

3. Recruiters and unit personnel are reminded that 1 copy of the Kicker contract (NGB Form 5435-1-R) should be given to the recruit/soldier and the ORIGINAL must come to the ESO.

e. NATIONAL GUARD ASSOCIATION’S OF TENNESSEE (NGAT) SCHOLARHIP PROGRAM: NGAT Scholarship Program: NGAT has allocated $9,000.00 for scholarships. One scholarship ($1500.00) is exclusively for active members of the Tennessee Army or Air National Guard. Two scholarships ($1500.00) are for active annual or active life members of the NGAT (these scholarships may be awarded to son or daughter of an annual or life member. Two scholarships ($1500.00) are for active members of the Tennessee Army or Air National Guard (if an active member does not qualify the scholarships may be awarded to any qualified son or daughter of a member). One scholarship ($1500.00) is for active members of the Tennessee Army or Air National Guard or their qualified son or daughter, who were mobilized in support of Desert Storm. Interested individuals contact unit representative for applications. Application must be submitted to NGAT NLT 15 June 2000. An additional scholarship of $500.00 (MG Jerry R. Wyatt Memorial) is also being awarded. Criteria for application may be obtained through your unit representative.

f. ANNUAL MEDICAL CERTIFICATES: Commanders are reminded of the annual requirements to inspect soldiers prior to Annual Training periods. The Annual Medical Certificates (AMC) is an additional requirement for soldiers to complete during the first two quarters of the training year and before any AT period. DON’T FORGET A REMARK MUST BE ENTERED ON DA FORM 1379. Commander should excuse any soldier who has a statement from a civilian or military doctor stating the training could medically harm the individual. Pregnant soldiers may be taken to AT with approval from the soldier’s doctor.

g. CIVIC LEADER FLIGHT: Information has been forwarded concerning the Civic Leader Flight for Annual Training 2000 at Ft Knox, KY. The date has been set for 12 July 2000 flights that will be leaving from both Alcoa and Johnson City, TN. We have forty seats available so get your nominee's submitted at the earliest opportunity. Suspense for all nominee applications to this headquarters is 5 June 2000. POC is SSG Wolfe, (865) 582-3209.

h. SOLDIER PROMOTION LIST FOR EPPS: The Soldier Promotion List (SPL) has been published for SSG's, and SFC's. Units are encouraged to review and insure that the soldier's who elected to be placed on the SPL are on it. Many soldiers regretfully were not added to the SPL because of administrative errors or failure of units to forward completed packets to PSB. We must take care of our soldiers or they want stay around to take care of us.

i. ANNUAL TRAINING 2000: The MOI for Annual Training has been published, also there will be an S-1 Briefing at the Regimental Headquarters on 7 May 2000 beginning at 1000 hours. It is important that we have a good turnout. Discussion will revolve around the tactical and administration functions of S1 Sections for NTC, which will be exercised during AT 2000.

j. MWR FUND: Unit are again reminded that if the wish to expend monies from their MWR Fund account they must request funds far enough in advance. Normally it takes at least two weeks to process and forward a check to the unit. All payments will be done by check. POC is SSG Wolfe (865) 583-3209



a. There are several training opportunities available for MI soldiers. These opportunities span periods from two weeks to a month or more. These ranges from live exercise augmentation, SCIF work in Utah, or drug work in South America. Any interested soldier should contact their S2 or contact 1LT Mitch Murray, (865) 594-[3262] / DSN 921-[3262].

b. The SEARISC is conducting S2/ACE Combat Operations courses on the following dates 18-24 January, 03-14 April, and 21 August - 01 September. The course will be conducted at the RTI Smyrna, TN. They are also are having ASAS workshops 18-28 January, 03-14 April, and 21 August-01 September. POC 1LT Mitch Murray.

c. There are numerous opportunities to learn the intricacies of the NTC; Right-Seat Ride, OC Academy, OPFOR Augmentation, and Rotational Augmentation. The S2 shops need to take full advantage of these opportunities. The 118th eSAB is in need of 98G and 96R OC's for their rotation. This would be a fantastic opportunity to see the NTC operations from the inside. POC CPT Robert Covert (865) 594-[3234] / DSN 921-[3234].

d. Soldiers holding Confidential and Secret Clearances are now subject to periodic review. If a soldier has not had a periodic review in the last ten years is required to accomplish a SF 86 and request a review. STARC can now grant interim TS Clearances after completion of the complete Security Clearance packet and review by DPER-C. If there is ANY derogatory information in the packet the interim TS will not be granted by STARC.

e. The S2 Company, http://www.s2company.com , homepage is a great resource for intelligence templates and how to information.

f. The Regiment has recently acquired laptops for WARLORD. These will have the newest version of the program and be fielded to the Squadrons NLT AT 00.

g. MAP UPDATE FOR FORT KNOX-AREA: Any units requiring maps of Fort Knox and surrounding areas should submit their map orders to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and/or National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) immediately. These maps are out-of-stock at the NIMA source. The NIMA inventory control representative advises that 1:50,000-scale Fort Knox Specials and various sheets in the multi-panel Fort Knox set are about to be printed. This will be the only batch printing of Fort Knox-area maps for some time to come.

The numbers of Fort Knox maps printed will depend solely on how many orders DLA/NIMA have in their system at time of printing. NIMA strongly suggests that all units of the regiment have their orders in ASAP so that enough maps may be printed. Please contact SGT Joe Holloway at (865) 594-[3227] / DSN 921-[3227] with any questions.

h. WARLORD MAPS OF FORT KNOX-AREA: For those squadrons employing WARLORD systems, RS2 has just received 1:50,000-scale Fort Knox Specials, multi-panel 1:50,000-scale Fort Knox-area maps, and 1:250,000 JOGS on CD-ROM in ADRG format. These CD-ROMs will be issued to the squadrons by RS2 shortly. POC: SGT Holloway at (865) 594-[3227] / DSN 921-[3227].



a. NEW ROLLOVER PROCEDURES FOR THE BFV. The February 2000 issue of Countermeasure has an article on BFV rollovers, to include a chart that describes the new crew drill for Bradley rollover. Leaders must ensure that they train this new procedure, especially as we prepare for AT-00.

b. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT FOR WEAPONS GUARDS AT FT. KNOX. Memorandum from AGTN-SJA with COL Hopson’s signature block details the ROE for armed guards while at Fort Knox. Make sure that your guards are trained on appropriate responses IAW this ROE.

c. TY-01 COMBAT LIFESAVER COURSE. The Regiment has requested at least 600 slots for the Combat Lifesaver Course at the 117th RTI during TY-01. Units can begin inputting students ASAP. Units are strongly advised to make maximum use of these quotas. Units should know the correct procedures to order Combat Lifesaver Bags for course graduates. Don’t wait until TY 02 to try to get enough CLS’s.

d. 2-YEAR TRAINING PLAN. Changes to this training plan require Regimental approval! I’ve almost got the 2-Year Plan converted over to Microsoft Project 95. Once converted, it will be posted in a share folder and units will be responsible for maintaining their own calendar. I'm also trying to figure out how to post it on our website.

e. MOSQ. If you need to be reminded, here it goes. Strength is the Regiment's number 1 priority. Right behind that is MOSQ!!! Soldiers who are not Duty MOS qualified WILL go to an MOSQ course unless they are overweight. If the course has an IDT Phase I and an AT Phase II, there shouldn't be any job conflicts. TY-01 is the last chance we have to MOSQ soldiers for the NTC! Furthermore, non-MOSQ soldiers cannot be promoted. Make sure you counsel every non-MOSQ soldier in your unit and get them enrolled in ATRRS!

f. AT-01. The current plan is as follows:

1 NTC Ground Sqdn w/ Avn, Engr, ADA, MI, & MST slices

31 Mar 01 - 14 Apr 01

HHT/278, 4/278(-), 3-115 FA, 201 Engr Bn, SPT/278(-), 278 Cm, 278 ADA(-), 278 MI(-), 1/269 MP Co, A/115 Sig (MSE)

7 - 21 Apr 01

1 NTC Ground Sqdn w/ Avn, Engr, ADA, MI, & MST slices

14 - 28 Apr 01

1 Non-NTC Ground Sqdn

5 - 19 May 01

g. SOP's. The common SOP's for Squadrons, Troops and TOCs are on the street. Read them and use them during AT-00. In late Aug or early Sep 00, we will meet at Knoxville to discuss and make all changes that need to be made. After that date, the SOP's are in concrete until after NTC!

h. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT FOR AT-00. I now have an electronic copy of the ROE Handbook that our O/C's will be using at Ft. Knox during AT-00. It is available in my Share folder if you're on the RCAS Network. If you're not on the network and you want a copy, send me an email and I will email it to you. I didn't want to send it out to everyone because of its size (1.44 Mb zipped). You also need Office 97 to open the file -- it's in an OBD (binder) file.

i. TENNESSEE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD EDUCATION BILL. Please write to your legislators and your Governor to request that they support the passage of the Education Tuition Bill's for the Tennessee National Guard. These Bills, House Bill #915 and Senate Bill #1413, seek $850,000 to start an education tuition program to help alleviate the critical personnel shortage (2,300 soldiers and airmen) we have in our state today. Encourage them to allocate $850,000 for the Tennessee National Guard instead of sending $1 Million to Fort Campbell for a museum. Do it today!



a. BATTERY TACSOP. On 8 April each battery commander was given a DRAFT copy of the 278 ACR Howitzer Battery TACSOP for review and comment. Commanders were advised to incorporate and use the TACSOP during training events and field problems to identify corrections that are needed. All comments are due to regiment NLT 15 September 2000. Comments will be incorporated and the Final Battery TACSOP will be completed and ready for reproduction by 1 December 2000.

b. PALADIN MEETING. Reminder – there will be a Paladin coordination meeting at Regimental HQ on 16 May 00 at 1000.



a. Train, Practice, Practice. That is the secret for having all radios talking Frequency Hopping. Make sure you have your ANCDs loaded and have verified a good fill. Time needs to be based off the Plugger. The base units need to be loaded prior to a drill or AT so that the soldiers don't have delays. The user needs to be able to operate this equipment effectively and know when the equipment is not working properly.

b. New Ground. We are stepping into new ground with extended distances for FM operations. With the 4/278th at Western Kentucky we are proceeding to set up retrans (three sets) to accomplish this task. We will need assistance from the Support Squadron for one of the legs.

c. Additional information: The 115th Sig Bn out of Alabama is our MSE support from now and including NTC. It is expected that our units interface and utilize their organic MSE equipment (during our Main Body annual training period). This unit will be establishing a satellite link (limited usage time only) during this AT period that has accesses from MSE and NRI (Net Radio Interface). Additionally they will establish MSE via a repeater between Western Kentucky and Fort Knox.

d. Lesson Learned. Major lesson learned from my recent NTC right seat ride: Batteries. Unit did not have HUB batteries. As operators of the equipment, we must insure we have the proper batteries on hand and reserves especially for the Plugger, ANCD, and the Sincgars. With all our modern equipment, each device needs it own special type battery to make it serviceable. Be extra careful when ordering and using batteries. This is a last minute warning that needs to be addressed to the troops.



a. Procuring Unit Crests, Unit Patches and misc. Unit crests are requisitioned through USPFO-SS. Distinctive unit insignia and crest are not available from the CCDF at this time. Units will process requests for BULK DUI using a DA Forma 2765, or BLAST requisition via the ULLS-S4 Supply System. Ensure that units are collecting unit crests from soldiers who separate or transfer from the Regiment. Units who need to obtain name tapes due to name changes, Goretex, and CVC must submit a memorandum through S4 Channels. The memorandum must include the type, names of the individuals, and expendable DODAAC number, as well as, how many name tapes are needed per individual. Units authorized to order from the CCDF, Para 15-2b or AR 700-84 specifically allows unit stockage of up to five sets or rank insignia per enlisted grade, and twenty-five insignia, organization, and shoulder.

b. Excess Property and Lateral Transfers. As we all know, managing excess property is a constant battle. If you have it, turn it in. If you have it and want to keep it, justify it. We are working on funding for an excess reduction/lateral transfer workshop. Target date is third week of May, expect it to last two days, location at Regt HQs. We will complete turn-ins, work orders, and transfer property. Detailed instructions are forthcoming.

c. Surveys. Understand, if a third party soldier’s name is mentioned in a sworn statement as part of a survey, get a sworn statement from that third party soldier also and include it in the survey. As an example, say SGT Johnson completes a sworn statement that reads, "SFC Murphy said that 1LT Keeves took the binoculars from the cage." and this statement is an exhibit of a survey. If the unit doesn't include a sworn statement from SFC Murphy and 1LT Keeves as exhibits of the survey, the survey package will be returned to the unit as incomplete. Reminder, send the original survey and six (6) copies to this office for processing, ensure you copy both sides of each sheet, and always put the grand total underneath each subtotal listed.

d. JP-8. The Regiment will convert to JP-8 beginning 15 Jun 00. Has your unit procured a set of fuel filters for each piece of equipment? Relying on past experience of others, the real trouble is with small filters, such as generators.


This month’s quote is aimed at those who desire to stand back and tell us how the Regiment will fail at the NTC and question why bother going.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, and comes short again and again . . . who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

A second quote,

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

American Soldier, awarded Medal of Honor; President (1901-1909)

For further reading: Leadership, Quotations from the Military Tradition. Robert A. Fitton, editor, Westview Press Inc., Boulder Colorado

If you have read any book that you want to quote or review in the Old Bills Chips, please submit it to [email protected] or fax it ATTN: MAJ Hensley, CML (865) 582-3241.


May 2000


M1A1 Block G MWO @ Ashland City

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Regimental Base IDT

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State CEP @ various units

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M1A1 Block G MWO @ Springfield

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M1A1 Block G MWO @ Ft Campbell, Ky

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Paladin OMNET (63D) @ Maryville, TN

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Armor Trainer Update/Scheduling Conference/Armor Conference @ Ft. Knox

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24-2 Jun

FIST Support to 3-115 FA Paladin NET @ Cp Shelby, MS

SFC Williams

June 2000


Regimental Base IDT

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State Training Meeting & State Training Site Scheduling Conference @ Smyrna (Sqdn Tng Officers attend)

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AT-00 @ Ft. Knox, KY

1/278(-), O/4/278, (-)SPT/278

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Regimental Base IDT (ILO Jul IDT)

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USR Briefings @ Knoxville

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July 2000


AT-00 @ Ft. Knox, KY -- 278 ACR (-)

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State Readiness Committee Meeting @ Nashville

MAJ Archer

29-12 Aug

AT-00 @ Ft. Knox, KY

3/278(-), Q/4/278, (-)SPT/278

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29-18 Aug

Paladin NET @ Camp Shelby - All HWB's

MAJ Archer

August 2000


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D-720 NTC Conference with NGB @ Smyrna, TN

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September 2000


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218th SIB (SCARNG) NTC Hotwash AAR @ McGhee-Tyson Airbase

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October 2000


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