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Publishing Date 01 November 2002
Bulletin Number 02-11



a.      RETENTION & RECRUITING.  Our strength dropped one percentage point since our last reporting period.  What are you doing to fix your unit?  Tennessee Army National Guard Recruiters had one of the best years they have had in putting new soldiers in our ranks however, they seem to be walking out the back door.  I have seen an inordinate amount of request for conditional releases and most seemed to be based around the economy.  What are we doing internally to help our young soldiers get local civilian jobs?  What are our soldiers doing to help themselves? The TNARNG has no responsibility to put soldiers in the active army but have every responsibility to take care of our young men.  This care does not mean recommending a conditional release.

b.      ATTRITION RATES.  Commanders/CSMs, do you remember the commitment that you made during the RRM meeting in Smyrna last year?  MG Hargett does.

c.      GOVERNMENT TRAVEL CARD.  Lots of our soldiers have the government travel card.  Negative comments on the NCOER and OERs for those who do not pay their bills may be required in the future.  The best thing to do is electronic debit from the 1351-2.

d.      SOLDIER READINESS PROCESSING (SRP).  First, I want to say that no talk has occurred about mobilizing the 278th ACR.  However, several units in Tennessee have been mobilized for Homeland Security missions.  During these mobilizations and the SRP process it has been discovered that soliders had situations within their personal affairs that needed to be corrected prior to mobilization.  Items such as wills, powers of attorney, and having the correct person as the beneficiary on your SGLI.  Family care plans are important.  Being a single parent is not a reason not to deploy.  Get these future problems coordinated early.

e.      AWARDS.  Traditionally we have several awards presented during the Holiday Balls.  This year will probably be no exception.  Make sure that they are requested early.  It takes several weeks to get a ST George or ST Barbara from the respective proponent.  Make sure these requests are completed early to ensure they arrive on time.

f.      PRE-ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE.  The Pre-Annual Training Coordination meeting will take place at FT Knox, KY 13-14 November 02.  Those required to attend have been notified.  The Regimental HQS will be the only entity sending representatives.  If you have special requirements notify the appropriate discipline (S-1, S-2 etc...)

g.      EANGTN/NGAT.   It is now again time to renew our membership in our associations.  As I have said many times, "Professionals belong to professional organizations."  We have worked very hard on getting 100% membership in NGAUS but we have not given the proper attention and respect to our membership numbers in the EANGTN.  These organizations do a great deal for our soldier that goes unnoticed.  Membership dues in EANGTN are very little but they do so much.  A E-9s dues is only $20.00.  We need to help ourselves.


Growing up in Cavalry units the "Rules of Cavalry" were constantly hammered into our heads on a daily basis by our commanders. What are the rules of Cavalry you ask? That is any rule that is either written, unwritten, implied, stated or unstated that pertain to Cavalry Operations. Here are some of the rules I am sending along as food for thought! See if any of these apply today:


a.      INSPECTIONS.  As FY 03 begins we move back into the cycle of inspections.  Some units have already been visited by the Regimental Staff as a courtesy visit before the CEP by State HQ.  The intent is for all regimental units to be visited during the next year for unit inspections as we prepare for the CLRT.  The CLRT is an NGB level visit that will test our ability to see ourselves and our ability to meet the standard.  The checklist will be distributed in the next several weeks and by your Squadron AO and separate units have theirs already.


b.      SUPPLY ACCOUNTABILITY.  Your commanders end balance hand receipts should reflect only documented shortages and un-issued items.  All other unit equipment should be on individual and section hand receipts with the document numbers where the shortages have been ordered.    Your section hand receipts should reflect all MTOE equipment that the section has inventoried and has on hand in a serviceable condition.  A further part of this is excess equipment you have on hand.  All excess equipment should be either ready for turn-in or awaiting a work order for serviceability checks. 

c.      MAINTENANCE.  As the CLRT process moves forward and AT 03 gets closer we must not forget maintenance on our equipment.  We have over 100 ERC items currently reported as NMC as of 1 Nov.  Management of reporting the mileage on our vehicles is critical.  Proper dispatch and reporting into the ULLS is the only way to get those numbers recorded.  The mileage report is how we get funded.  The OMS cannot do it all.

d.      PERSONNEL ACTIONS.  OER's and NCOER's and awards are what make the army work.  We are not getting OER's/NCOER's that reflect the quality of our soldiers.  If you want a soldier promoted the report card you write or have written about you is what gets that done.  A good report does not write itself and must be a reflection of the service that the soldier has performed.   The OER support form is a critical part of being able to write the OER and contributes to the quality of the report.  The NCOER should not be all centers to avoid having to write bullet comments.  If you want to keep the NCO, spend the time to write the comments. 

e.      OFFICERS ASSOCIATION.  It's that time again.  Your officers association dues are now due and payable.  The annual holiday ball will be here in 6 weeks and then the NGAT conference in Nashville in February.  We have reported 100% for the past 5 years, lets do it again.


a.      ENLISTED BALL The seventh Annual Enlisted Ball will be held in

Gatlinburg, TN, 13-15 December 2002 at the Holiday Inn on Airport Road. It is important that all Regimental Senior NCOs (E7-E9) support the Annual Regimental Balls. Junior NCOs look up to you as role models and leaders.

b.      SOLDIER OF THE YEAR.  Each year the State Soldier of the Year Board is held during January.  All units will conduct their boards November and December. I will schedule a Regimental Board as soon as I get the schedule from the State CSM.

c.      PROMOTION BOARDS.  March is usually the time for the centralized promotion boards at RTI in Smyrna. Now is the time to develop a leaders list (1SG &E9) to be sent to me electronically by COB 7 Dec 02.


a.      TACSOP We still have not received any recommended changes for the personnel or medical portion of the Regimental TACSOP.  Please submit any recommended changes to the RS1 ASAP.  My email is [email protected].   I would like to have the TACSOP updated prior to our upcoming BCBST exercise.

b.      FAMILY READINESS GROUPS Several units still do not have any type of Family Readiness Group (FRG) formed.  Although Family Readiness Groups are not mandatory, they are strongly encouraged.  Each Squadron S1will develop a plan to encourage FRGs in non-participating units.  A regional Family Readiness Group workshop is tentatively scheduled in May 03 for the east Tennessee region.  Audience should be Commander, 1SG, S-1, Readiness NCO and the volunteers.  More to follow in a memorandum.

c.      BENEFITS.  The following is some benefits that are eligible to Tennessee Army National Guard members.

                         TENNESSEE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD

(Effective 01OCT02)

Drill Pay
Most Unit Training Assemblies are scheduled for one weekend a month.  An additional $40 per drill (IDT) will be added for members of the 278th ACR and Co C 46th ENGR BN.  (Pay shown for less than 2 years of service)

        E1      $136.36         E4      $192.48
        E2      $165.24         E5      $208.20
        E3      $173.80         E6      $226.80

Monthly Active Duty Pay
Basic Training will be nine weeks long.  Your job training (Advanced Individual Training) could be from 4 weeks to 2 years depending on the job (MOS) you enlist for.  Soldiers who have dependents may receive additional pay (BAH).  (Pay shown for less than 2 years of service)

        E1      $1,022.70                       E4      $1,443.60
        E2      $1,239.30                       E5      $1,561.50
        E3      $1,303.50                       E6      $1,701.00

Annual Training Pay
Most units attend 15 days annual training each year. Soldiers who have dependents may receive additional pay (BAH).  (Pay shown for less than 2 years of service)

        E2      $619.65         E5      $780.75
        E3      $651.75         E6      $850.50
        E4      $721.80

Montgomery GI Bill for Reserve Components $9,936.00 (Available to ALL units regardless of MOS)
You can apply for the Montgomery GI Bill benefits as soon as you finish your Initial Active Duty Training for soldiers who have never been in the military and right away for soldiers who have Prior Service.  A 6 year enlistment is required.  This benefit is Tax Free. Participants must be a High School Graduate or GED Holder.

GI Bill Kicker $7,200.00

Tuition Assistance (TA)

Cash Enlistment Bonus $3,000.00

Critical Skill Bonus $3,000.00

Off-Peak Ship Bonus $2,000.00

Civilian Acquired Skills (CASP) Bonus $3,000.00

Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

Prior Service Enlistment Bonus $2,500.00

Affiliation Bonus

Extension Bonus $2,500 (Must be within 90 days of ETS)

Stripes for Buddies

Note:  Must be done prior to departing for your training or Phase II of Split Training Option

High School ROTC (JROTC)

Advanced Rank for College Credit

Other Advance Rank for Applicants

Split Option Training Program

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

College Credit for Military Training and MOS
Army National Guard Soldiers can receive college credit for their military training.  The American Council on Education (ACE Guide) lists formal military training courses and Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) and recommended equivalent college credit.  Many of these credits can apply toward degree requirements to save time and money.

Benefits of Belonging to the Tennessee Army National Guard
By being a member of the Tennessee Army National Guard, you will be entitled to a wide range of benefits.  Some include:


a.      PERSONNEL SECURITY.  No Change, keep up work on Security Clearance Packets.

b.      PHYSICAL SECURITY.  No Change, CEP inspections are continuing.

c.      EQUIPMENT.  There will be ASAS LT training conducted at FT Leavenworth prior to the BCBST.  The memorandum has already been issued.  Do you have that slot filled with a qualified and motivated soldier?  Remember, consider using this in lieu of AT, if time off is a problem.  The BCBST will be the best IBP/Intel oriented training event this year.

d.      DOCTRINE.  The COE training packages have been issued!  Also included is a short memorandum on how to best use the training package in your OPD/training on the COE.  If you have any questions, please email me.  Don't wait until we are on the plane to Leavenworth to ask what does "C", "O", "E" mean.  The separate Regimental Troops (MI/ADA/ENGR/RHHT) will not receive the VHS tapes, contact us to schedule a block of time for OPD/NCOPD, and we will conduct the briefing at your location.

e.      MUSINGS FROM THE RS2.   The COE OPFOR is not a big deal, it is different, but not something to get wrapped up about.  The important thing to remember, the COE OPFOR will be equipped to give BLUEFOR a good fight, it isn't effective training if you fight a poorly equipped opponent.   Let's take a look at the new OPFOR in three levels:  First, as an overall statement, the COE OPFOR may enjoy more technologically advanced weapons, communications, and imagery equipment than in the past.  In some cases the OPFOR will have better equipment than us because he can go out to the local version of Radio Shack and purchase some wiz bang electronics made in Taiwan faster than a similar piece of equipment makes it through our procurement system.  Second, the most significant difference is at the Regiment/Brigade level or higher, the COE OPFOR "MAY" be more defensive in thinking.  The purpose is to make our stay in the country miserable, and force public opinion to withdraw BLUEFOR.  In order to do this, the COE OPFOR will typically not attack to destroy our maneuver formations, but will selectively attack BLUEFOR with a focus on C2, CSS, and other high visibility targets.  Finally, at the Troop level and below, the OPFOR will look basically the same, except with more infantry and AT weapons.  Attack still looks like an attack, and a defense still will look like a defense.  The basic tactics at the troop and platoon level have never changed and will not change with the COE OPFOR either.


a.      GUNNERY.  I am looking forward to gunnery for the Regiment. It will be challenging and demanding. The 278th ACR Gunnery SOP 1998 version is in effect until we publish the change to it. New standards in Tank gunnery are the driver of these changes. Commanders, make sure that you have good Gunnery Battle rosters that you can execute. This training year is for individual training and it will have priority over crew or collective training.

b.      YTC.  The 278th YTC is published and has been included in the electronic  distribution of this issue of OBC; look for this calendar to be distributed with each copy of OBC. This document/calendar will be utilized in tracking major training dates, deconflicting resources, correlating training schedules and date site reports and will provide a document to our traditional Guardsmen (M-Day) that they can plan with. 1LT(P) Steven Turner is the POC.

c.      BCBST.  The BCBST is right around the corner. The initial training (MTT) will be for the regimental staff during 7-8 DEC 02 (Knoxville) and MDMP on 11-12 JAN 03 (Knoxville), with the seminar being conducted 16-21 FEB 03 (Ft.Leavenworth).  CPT Jack Coleman is the POC.

d.      QUARTERLY TRAINING ASSESSMENT (TAMs).  Quarterly TAMs are due to this headquarters on the same day as the quarterly USR briefing.  TAMs will no longer be accepted if they are not complete and to standard (FORSCOM Regulation 220-3).  The TAM is a unit commander tool that requires input monthly.  If any unit commander needs help understanding the TAM requirements, the 278th ACR TAM POC is 1LT (P) Steven Turner @ (865)582-3147 or [email protected].

e.      EXPIRED DUTY REPORTS.  Units still have Reminder that updates for any outstanding pay or travel issues are due to this office the last Friday of each month.  Latest report from Nashville was distributed to all Squadron HQs and to each Separate Unit.  POC is CPT Jack Coleman.


a.      CEP/CLRT/COMET.  These events demonstrate our capabilities to perform the day to day activities of readiness in the Tennessee Army National Guard.  The standards are not a secret.  The 03 CEP and COMET checklist with dates has been previously forwarded.  CLRT notebooks were distributed to each Squadron and Separate Unit.  Information available is not an issue.  Our measurement of compliance to this day to day activities deserves the highest level of attention and resource.

b.      OPTEMPO The RS-3 section has published the forecast of how the Regiment will meet the OPTEMPO requirements during FY-03.  RS-4 section and MMO will continue to monitor and track ULLS-G data quarterly to provide necessary information to the RS-3.  POC is CPT Miller.

c.      AT 03 RS-4 office has reviewed billeting and dining facility availability at Ft Knox, KY for our Annual Training dates.  Will conduct final coordination 12-14 Nov 02.

d.      NEW EQUIPMENT FIELDING The Regiment will field and train at least four (4) different equipment and/or systems over thru June 2003.  M2 Burner is scheduled 18-21 Nov 02.  Memo TBP and POC is SFC Sturgill.  The Modular Weapon System, components of M-4, is scheduled 4 Dec 02.  POC is SFC Sturgill.  New Medical sets for each squadron and 190 EN Co is scheduled 13-21 Mar 03 in Knoxville.  Memo TBP and POC is MAJ Darnbush.  Prophet Ground is scheduled for MI Co, 278th ACR in Jun 03 during Annual Training.  Memo TBP.

e.      BCBST.  Main body seminar dates are 16-21 Feb 03.  MSG Lewis will coordinate with BCBST personnel for lodging during the seminar. SFC Williams has requested aircraft.  Advance detachment dates are 14 -15 Feb 03.  GSA mini-vans from each squadron need to be available during this training event.


a.      REDLEG MEETING The Fire Support Meeting held 15 OCT 02 in Knoxville was attend by 23 personnel representing all three line squadrons, regimental headquarters and TSB (Knox). This early FY 03 gathering yielded some important conclusions and re-focused our training agendas. Below are the most significant findings regarding IDT LFXs and Annual Training.

b.      OBU:  This event will not occur this year.

c.      BCBST.  Seminar will be 16-21 FEB 03 at Ft.Leavenworth, KS.

d.      MCCTT.  MCCTT for 1/278 will be occurring in the 2nd Qtr FY 03. Warrior FS personnel must plan and prepare to support this training requirement.

e.      DEPARTURE.  As most of you know, I will soon no longer be SABER REDLEG. An old saying goes, " the second time was a breeze." I not sure I can attest that exact figure of speak, but working with all of you was an esteemed honor. I appreciate your dedication. Our REDLEGS are a proud bunch - cloaked in professionalism and reared deep in the rich tradition of the field artillery. All of our REDLEGS have and will always be, a notable entity of our Regiment. Keep up the hard work, continue to train with enthusiasm and above all, never settle for mediocrity. You can be assured I never will. A phrase from - I am the Field Artillery by J.J. McMahon and P.S. Hollis says it best; " And I'll be there when you need me. I am ubiquitous on the battlefield. I can focus my firepower like a flashlight beam, raining death and destruction down upon our foe. My "rockets red glare" is now white-hot from six-packs of steel-rapid, far-reaching and awesome. The autonomous actions of my howitzers can shell out hell to bring our enemy to his knees. And when I'm done, he'll bow before me because -- I am and always will be The King of Battle. "


a.      ACES TRAINING.  MSG King has successfully completed the ACES training and knows all the in's and out's of this system. As stated earlier it will be a long transition stage. The state has to go to this program first then the major commands will start their transition. In the meantime we will continue to use the RBEX system. More to follow on this issue.

b.      PMCS.  Units, maintain focus on signal issues, while doing your PMCS make sure the radios are functionally checked, inventory your OE-254's and order defective parts.  For Maintenance problems on your communications systems that you cannot resolve, let us know (Regt S-6 Section) and we will assist in finding a solution.

c.      AT & WARFIGHTER.  No MSE will be available this FY. Will have to utilize the ASAS light for small graphics and word documents.  Currently no plans for Magdrops at Ft. Knox or Western Kentucky training site.  AM radios will be utilized for long range communications, IE: Ft. Knox, Western Kentucky Training Site, Ft. Campbell, and Smyrna. Make sure your systems are working.  Batteries, batteries, batteries, need we say more.


a.      EMPLOYER SUPPORT GROUP.  Again, I want to emphasize the importance of the Employer Support Group and how advantageous it can be for a unit to have a breakfast or lunch.  It enhances our visibility with our employers and local officials within their community.

b.      PUBLIC AFFAIRS COVERAGE.  Please contact the S-5 at email [email protected] or by mail to HQ, 278th ACR, ATTN:  S-5 (MAJ Rhonda Keisman) if you have a significant event scheduled that would be of interest for public affairs coverage.  We will prioritize events and capture all that we can.  At minimum, squadron change of command ceremonies should be covered. 


a.      A/B FIST NEWS. The Regiment has a representative at the test the week of 28-Oct 02 thru 1 Nov 02. This test will have a great bearing as to how fast we will field the systems.  News later to follow when the rep returns from the test.

b.      GUNNERY PREPERATION.  Crew drill and individual crew training is a must at all levels. To have a 100% crew Qualification during our GT VIII at annual training. Think of crew weapons qualification, just like we think of IWQ, the better we shoot the more lethal we are!

c.      BATTLE ROSTERS.  The Battle Roster as if this date are now placed on the regimental training share file folder. Crew training progress is a must keep good records of all crew member training progress and report it on the new regimental battle rosters which are due at this HQ NLT 1st of each month.

d.      M1/M3 COMMANDER'S HANDBOOK. The new M1 and M3 commander handbooks are completed subject to the review of the RS-3 before we go to press as well as the Gunnery SOP.

e.      RANGE CERTIFICATION.  Range certification training for Ft. Knox KY will be conducted at the following location, time an dates are as followed.


a.      RISK ASSESSMENT: Throughout the holidays it is imperative that we integrate the principles of Risk Management into our daily activities.  Remember that sound risk management requires us to;

b.      DRIVING:  During the upcoming holidays, many of you will spend a high percentage of time on our nation's roads, traveling to be with loved ones and friends.  Just a reminder to let you know, Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) accidents remain the single leading cause of accidental death.  Based on passenger-miles traveled over the period 1995 through 1999, and depending on the length and type of trip, the risk of death from driving is up to 37 times greater than from flying.

c.      HOLIDAY MEALS: Holidays are the times when we enjoy traditional holiday family feasts.  The preparation and consumption of these meals often stretch over many hours during which proper food safety precautions are imperative.  Some foods, especially those including dairy products, can become unsafe if left at room temperature for more than a couple of hours.  It is important to remember re-heating foods more than one time increases the chances of food contamination.  Avoid the temptation to consume large quantities of food by eating in moderation and maintaining your personal fitness program.  This supports good health throughout the holiday season.

d.      HUNTING SAFETY: Between 15 November and 30 January, we witness the highest concentration of hunters on our lands.  Hunter safety certification provides a good foundation in hunter ethics and an awareness of the hazards associated with hunting such as harsh weather, outdoor disorientation and mishandling of firearms.  Ensure you follow the rules of firearm safety and never consume alcohol while hunting or handling firearms.  Ensure you store weapons and ammunition separately and keep both under lock and key when not in use.  Ensure firearms are unloaded before handling or cleaning.  A hunting or firearms related accident will destroy your holiday.



<<TY03 Yearly Training Calendar (REG).xls>>


CPT Jack D. Coleman
Assistant RS-3, 278th ACR
DSN: 683-3278, COMM: 865-582-3278