Tennessee Army National Guard, P.O. Box 10167
Knoxville, Tennessee 37939-0167


Publishing Date 14 November 2003
Bulletin Number 11-03





a.   CHANGE OF COMMAND  As the incoming 8th Commander of the 278th ACR I want to thank all the troopers that made the change of command a resounding success.  The pride and traditions of cavalry are still strong in this great regiment.  I want to wish COL Terry M. Haston future successes in his new job as J-3 at state headquarters.  He has been a great leader, and will be missed by all troopers.  He is welcomed back at any time.  "Volunteers" of the 278th thank you for your hard work and for being in the Regiment.


b.   POLICIES  As the new commander I will be assessing all policies and will recommend changes to those that need to be updated.  All previous polices and procedures of the 278th ACR are still in effect until changed in writing.


c.   AT04  Annual Training TY-04 has been changed from April at Fort Knox, KY to July at Camp Shelby MS. Yes, it is official and the pre-camp conference will be at the first of the year.


d.   GOALS  As the new commander listed below are some goals that I would like to accomplish while I am in command:


                  1). Recruit and maintain our strength above 95%

                  2). Qualify every solider with a army duty MOS that is in the

                        278th ACR

                  3). Conduct CTT training to standard

                  4). Establish Family Readiness Groups in all units.

                  5). Be the best major command in the state of Tennessee and

                        enhanced Regiment in the country

                  6). Do what is "right" as an organization

                  7). Cooperate with each other, other units in the Tennessee

                        National Guard, and we will set the example.



e.   "THE BEST"  In closing, I am extremely proud and honored to become the 8th Commander of this Regiment. As I said at the ceremony, I will promise you that I will lead from the front, do what is right and work every day to make us the best enhanced Regiment in the nation.


                        VOLUNTEERS,                   "TAKE CHARGE!!!!"





      In days of old, the entire Regiment used to go to Fort Stewart for Annual Training.  We had space to maneuver as well as do gunnery and to conduct excellent training as a Regiment.  It was the custom of the Regiment at that time to hold a Ceremonial Review for yearly awards.  Soldiers would form by Squadrons into a Regimental formation, awards were given for AT, and then the Regiment would pass in review.  We don't go to Fort Stewart (unfortunately) anymore. Now we attend Annual Training by Squadron at Fort Knox which ended the custom of a Regimental formation and Review during Annual Training. 


      General Sir Harold Alexander wrote in November 1968 "A Ceremonial parade, moreover, provides an occasion for men to express pride in their performance, pride in the Regiment, and pride in the profession of Arms!  A ceremonial parade, impeccably performed, can never fail to be a source of inspiration to those who watch it or take part in it." 


      I attended the change of command between COL Haston (7th COL) and LTC Dennis Adams (8th COL).  For me, there was nothing more inspirational than seeing the presence of our Regimental and National Colors in the center of a mass formation of cavalrymen which represents the colors presents at the forefront of the unit during the heat of battle.  A Ceremonial Review of the Regiment, such as the one you conducted for COL Haston and LTC (P) Adams, allows you to show your professionalism and spirit de Corps to your peers, distinguished visitors, and most importantly to your family members! 


      We revised the custom of a Regimental Review in October 1997 when we held a ceremonial parade for Colonel Jacobs' (5th COL) assumption of command.  Since then the Regiment has held two additional Reviews with the change of command between Colonel Jacobs and Colonel Price (6th COL), and between Colonel Price and Colonel Haston (7th COL).  Three Reviews in six years doesn't seem excessive to me.  Every soldier in the Regiment should be standing taller today because you looked professional, showed the pride you have in yourself, and made on old soldier like me very proud!


      I would like to extend my congratulations to LTC (P) Dennis Adams (8th Colonel of the Regiment) on his assumption of Command.  I know you will do a good job Dennis!  I would also like to give the 7th Colonel a pat on the back for his exceptional performance of duty as the 7th Colonel.  Good job Max!





a.   CHANGE OF COMMAND  Who could believe it has been 3 years since COL Haston took the reigns of the regiment.  It is a bitter sweet emotion for both he and LTC (P) Adams as one says farewell and the other begins his command tenure.  I want to say to COL Haston that I have never had a better time in my 30 years of service.  The past three years have been high adventure with more fun filled days and nights than most people have in a lifetime.  With the exception of 9/11 it has been the high point in my life.  I used to tell CPT Bolin that only 2 officers in the whole world got to get up each day and know they were the Executive Officer of the finest fighting machine in the world.  To COL Adams I want to say, hang on, the ride is about to get bumpy.   


b.   SUPPLY ACCOUNTABILITY  Your commanders end balance hand receipts should reflect only documented shortages and un-issued items.  All other unit equipment should be on individual and section hand receipts with the document numbers where the shortages have been ordered.    Your section hand receipts should reflect all MTOE equipment that the section has inventoried and has on hand in a serviceable condition.  A further part of this is excess equipment you have on hand.  All excess equipment should be either ready for turn-in or awaiting a work order for serviceability checks. 


c.   PERSONNEL ACTIONS  OERs and NCOERs and awards are what make the army work.  We are not getting OERs/NCOERs that reflect the quality of our soldiers.  If you want a soldier promoted the report card you write or have written about you is what gets that done.  A good report does not write itself and must be a reflection of the service that the soldier has performed.   The OER support form is a critical part of being able to write the OER and contributes to the quality of the report.  The NCOER should not be all centers to avoid having to write bullet comments.  If you want to keep the NCO, spend the time to write the comments


d.   OFFICERS ASSOCIATION  It's that time again.  Your association dues are now due and payable.  The annual holiday ball will be here in 9 weeks and then the NGAT conference in Nashville in February.  We have reported 100% for the past 5 years, let's do it again.





a.   RECRUITING AND RETENTION  The question- did you accomplish your mission this past training year and if you did not, what about this training year?  I am talking about improving your strength percentages and taking care of soldiers.


b.   ENLISTED BALL  The following units have not sent in their allocations: 1/278,4/278,MI, 190 and Chemical Company.  As I mentioned before, the 278th Enlisted Ball is for all enlisted soldiers of the 278th ACR. This year's Ball is going to be the most exciting and entertaining due to HHT 278 being the host. Come and enjoy.


c.   CHANGE OF COMMAND CEREMONY  Thank you all for the best COC this Regiment has ever witnessed. We seem to get better each time. The senior NCO leadership took charge.


d.   SOLDIER OF THE YEAR BOARD  The Regimental Soldier of the Year Board will be held during the January IDT. Each unit should be scheduling their boards prior to the Regimental Board. An announcement is forthcoming with details.





a.   RETIREMENT SEMINARS  If you have 19 good years of service or more and have not been to a retirement seminar, please schedule one through your unit clerk.


b.   DIRECT APPOINTMENTS  If you are an E-5 with a BS degree and have 2 years experience in the Army National Guard you may be eligible for direct appointment to 2LT.  Please contact CPT Coleman at 865-582-3278 for more information.


c.   DA MANDATORY SELECTION BOARD PACKETS  All DA Mandatory Selection Board packets will be view on-line.  You will not receive any micro-fiche but will be able to view your Official Military Personnel File on line at AKO.  You fiche will be updated prior to board action and your final Promotion consideration File will be on line at https://www.2xcitizen.uar.army.mil/portal 60 days prior to convening date of your board.  Contact you unit administrator for more information.


d.   MYPAY  PIN numbers are now available on line for your mypay account.

e.   OCS RECRUITING  Recruiting for Officer Candidate School has begun.  If you are interested in OCS please contact your unit clerk immediately.  If you are under the age of 40 and have 60 semester hours of college you might be eligible for OCS.


  1. NCOERs  Please ensure you are up-to-date on all your NCOERs.  NCOs it is your responsibility to ensure your NCOERs are current.  Delinquent NCOERs could affect your standing on the promotion list.  Get with your rater and full-time personnel and ensure your NCOERs are current.





a.   SECURITY CLEARANCE PACKET SUBMISSIONS  The RS2 shop continues to receive incomplete and/or improperly formatted security clearance packets from subordinate units.  Where possible, SGT Holloway corrects the packets prior to forwarding them to Joint Force HQ (formerly HQ STARC), Nashville.  In many cases, however, the packets must be corrected at the originating unit.  Unit security representatives should download the EPSQ 2.2 MANUAL (an MS Word document) from the RS2 share folder located at \\Tn-47170-bdc01\SHARE\S-2\Security Clearances.  This manual contains excellent, step-by-step instructions on preparation and submission of security packets.  If you follow them to the letter, you can't go wrong.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact SGT Joe Holloway at (865) 582-3227 / DSN 683-3227 / TNNET 3227, or E-mail [email protected]


b.   MAP AND INTEL PRODUCT REQUISITION  Units requiring assistance with ordering maps or other intelligence products should contact SGT Holloway at the phone numbers or e-mail above.  The RS2 shop has been able to acquire in-stock maps from the Richmond Map Facility within a few days of ordering them.  Other products such as the DoD Country Handbooks are also available from FORSCOM, via the RS2.



7.       "SABER 3 ALFA" - ASSISTANT OPERATIONS OFFICER                   



a.      AT04  Reference: WARNO 2 to OPORD 04-01 dated 31 OCT 03.  The Regiment will conduct Annual Training (in three phases) at Camp Shelby, MS, during July and August of 2004.  Squadrons and Separate Units will conduct gunnery and tactical lanes training with the focus at the platoon level. 


b.     YEARLY TRAINING GUIDANCE FOR 2004  Reference: Change 1 to 278th ACR YTG for TY04, dated 05 NOV 03.  The Regimental Commander has just published his changes to the Yearly Training Guidance for this Training Year.  Each unit should have a copy of this guidance in their training files, along with his command philosophy. 


c.      MOSQ  The MOS Qualification of the troopers of this Regiment is a primary concern of both myself and the Regimental Commander.  Units should make every effort to: 1) identify soldiers that need MOS training 2) enroll them in the next available MOS-producing course, and 3) follow up with the soldier to ensure that he or she doesn't become a "no show" for the course they should be attending.  Given the proper information and guidance on attending a MOS-producing course, a soldier should have no trouble or concerns about attending.





a.   NEW EQUIPMENT FIELDING  New Medical Equipment Set is rescheduled 4-12 Dec 03.  Reference memo dtd 11 Sep 03, AGTN-DCSOPS-MR, subject:  Medical Set Fielding FRAGO LOI.


b.   COMET  2005 scheduled has been published and forwarded to units.  Work hard and pass!!!


c.   MATES / UTES HAND RECEIPTS  Every unit with equipment and MATES and UTES must update its Hand Receipts from that organization annually.


d.   REASSIGNMENT  CPT Miller is now the full time Logistics Officer as the Asst RS-4.  He enjoyed working with the soldiers in the maintenance arena and is looking forward to the challenges of the RS-4 shop.


e.   LATERAL TRANSFERS  Lateral Transfers continue to be a big issue. I don't care who is gaining or losing, let's all work together to get them completed.


f.    ANNUAL TRAINING  Start planning now. I have already sent initial guidance on logistical request.  I should see responses coming in to the RS-4 Shop very soon.





a.   TRAINING  We talk about it a lot, but are we doing all we can during every home station drill and every FTX to keep our artillery and observer skills as sharp as possible?  Are we spending more time in lengthy, boring meetings planning "training" than actually conducting training? 


      In my thirteen years in the Army and National Guard, my experience has been that garrison time is just that - garrison time.  Very little gets accomplished in the barracks/home station environment because other "events" seem to always take precedence over good training.  My experience has been that the only time good "training" takes place is when the commander and his staff force their units to go to the field, to an environment free of distracters that can take precedence over good training.


b.   RECRUITING & RETENTION  Another trend closely related is recruiting and retention.  I've found that those units with the best recruiting and retention numbers just happen to be those with the most rigorous, meaningful, well-executed training plans.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  


      As you plan and execute your training plans for 2004 and 2005, keep these noticed trends in mind.  Always ask yourself, "Am I doing everything I can to get the most out of my soldiers during every drill period, or during every training opportunity?"





a.   ANTENNA SPACING  Have you ever had trouble communicating from your TOC or CP and couldn't figure out what was wrong? Well, here is a simple suggestion that may fix your problem: Antenna spacing.  If your antennas are too close together, they can actually keep you from talking. Take a look at the chart below and next time you set up your "antenna park", make sure you follow these guidelines, which are taken directly out of the new FM 6-02.43, Signal Leaders Guide. This updated FM is only available on the Signal community of AKO. But the older version, FM 11-43 has the same info and is available on the Reimer Digital Training and Doctrine Digital Library.




b.   4/278 SIGO  We lost a good soldier recently. Sean Kelly, SIGO for 4th Squadron has recently resigned. Those of you who know him, recognize that he was a dedicated, knowledgeable officer. And just a good guy too. If you see him or talk to him, take a minute and thank him for his many years of dedicated service to his unit, country and the Regiment.


c.   NEW SIGO?  It's that time of the year again. AT is over and now it's time for the usual "fruit basket turnover" for personnel, in particular senior NCOs and officers. If you are newly assigned as your squadron SIGO, please send me a quick e-mail and say hello. I'll put you on my mailing list to send you any signal information that I get, so that you can better stay abreast of what is happening in the Regiment and the signal community. My home e-mail is .





a.   278TH ACR CHANGE OF COMMAND  Colonel Terry "Max" Haston relinquished command of the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment to Lieutenant Colonel Dennis J. Adams on October 5, 2003 at the National Guard Armory in Knoxville, Tennessee.

      Lieutenant Colonel Dennis J. Adams received a reserve commission from the University of Tennessee ROTC program in 1979. He began his career as a Platoon Leader in Troop G /2/278th located in Greeneville, Tennessee.  In 1982 First Lieutenant Adams was assigned as the Executive Officer of Troop E, Morristown, Tennessee.  In 1984 First Lieutenant Adams was assigned as the Second Squadron Support Platoon Leader in Kingsport, Tennessee. In 1985 First Lieutenant Adams was promoted to Captain and assumed command of Troop F located in Bristol, TN. After Command Captain Adams was assigned as the Liaison Officer for the 278th ACR Regimental Headquarters Located in Knoxville, TN. In 1987 Captain Adams was again chosen for command and became the commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Troop Located in Knoxville, TN. In 1989 Captain Adams was assigned as the Assistant S-3 and worked in operations until he was promoted to major and assigned as the S-3 Second Squadron Operations Officer. In 1995 Major Adams became the Second Squadron Executive Officer and worked in that position until he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and assumed command of Second Squadron 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment 1999. After a very successful rotation at the National Training Center in California, Lieutenant Colonel Adams was made the S-3 of the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment September 2002.

      Lieutenant Colonel Dennis J. Adams received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee in 1979 in Industrial Technology's. His military education includes the Armor Officer Basic Course Fort Knox, KY 1980, the Armor Advanced Course Fort Knox, KY 1988, Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth, KS 1991 

      Military awards and decorations received by Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Adams are numerous. Some of his most significant include Meritorious Service Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Achievement Medal with one Oak Leaf Cluster, Tennessee National Guard Distinguished Service Medal, Tennessee National Guard Commendation Ribbon, and Tennessee National Guard Individual Achievement Ribbon with One Oak Leaf Cluster.

      LTC Adams is a native of Gray, Tennessee and is married to the former Connie Haynes.  Children are Ariel and Aaron Adams.

b.   4/278TH ACR MOBILIZATION  Soldiers from Alcoa and Smyrna belonging to 4th Squadron of the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment have deployed in support of a Peacekeeping Mission for Kosovo.  Approximately one hundred and forty troopers will be stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia until late January 2004 when they will depart for Germany.  After participating in a two month Mission Readiness Exercise in Germany, they will deploy to Kosovo in the Balkans.





      GUNNERY RESULTS  Well TY-03 Gunnery is completed for the Regiment with Great success from the past attempts even thou the last time we fire GT VIII was TY-00.  We have set a standard  this past year with the Most Qualified Tank and Bradley crews during a training year.   So leaning forward in the saddle for TY-04 lets not forget the lesson we learned during this past gunnery training year both the good points as well the not so good.  Thanks again lets keep up the good work. The following listed are the results for the Regiment broken down by each unit and Squadron as a whole.



      1/278th ACR


Crews Assigned             Unit     # Attempted GT-VIII              # Qualified


            8                            Trp A                  8                                        8

            4                            Trp B                  4                                        4

                  5                            Trp C                 5                                        3

            9                            Co D                  9                                        7

            26                                                     26                                      22



Crews Assigned             Unit     # Attempted GT-VIII              # Qualified


            9                            Trp A                  7                                           6

            9                            Trp B                  3                                           3

            8                            Trp C                 7                                           6

            2                            HHT                   2                                           2

            28                                                     20                                         18



      2/278th ACR


Crew Assigned               Unit     # Attempted TT VIII               #Qualified


            6                            Trp E                  6                                           5

            6                            Trp F                  6                                           3

            6                            Trp G                 6                                           3

            11                          Co H                  11                                         7

            29                                                     29                                         18



Crew Assigned               Unit     # Attempted TT VIII               #Qualified


            4                            Trp E                  4                                           4

            5                            Trp F                  5                                           5

            7                            Co G                  7                                           7

            16                                                     16                                         16



      3/278th ACR


Crews assigned              Unit     # Attempted GT VIII               # Qualified


            4                            Trp I                    4                                           4

            7                            Trp K                  4                                           4

            8                            Trp L                  8                                           7

            12                          Co M                  11                                         8

            31                                                     27                                         23



Crews assigned              Unit     # Attempted GT VIII               # Qualified


            8                            Trp I                    6                                        6

            9                            Trp K                  8                                        8

            11                          Trp L                  11                                      11

            2                            HQ's                   2                                        2

            30                                                     27                                      27



      ADA 278TH ACR


Crews assigned              Unit     #Attempted GT VIII                # Qualified

      5                                  ADA                   5                                           3



      HQ 278TH ACR


Crews assigned              Unit     #Attempted GT VIII                # Qualified

      2                                  HHT                   1                                           1






Crews Assigned                         # Attempted TT VIII               #Qualified

            86                                                     82                                      63



Crews assigned                          # Attempted GT VIII               # Qualified

            80                                                     69                                      67




            NO ENTRY