Tennessee Army National Guard, P.O. Box 10167

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Publishing Date

29 September 2000

Bulletin # 00-10


a. STRENGTH: The strength of our units are continuing to fall slowly each month. However, I have been encouraged by a leveling out of some of our units and in one or two units a light upturn. I want to commend you who have slowed the bleeding but encourage everyone that we, as a Regiment, have fallen drastically short of our goal given to BG Hargett last fall. I will be the first to admit that it has taken us a long time to get where we are and that it will take just as long to regain our past strength. As bleak as our situation is, there are some very positive things that are happening. LTC(P) Haston developed a comprehensive program that addresses the full-time as well as the M Day soldier requirements that assist in our recruiting and retention. CSM Nelson and SGM Lindsey have developed and implemented an outstanding Rep 63/Visitor Program being conducted at Catoosa, GA. Training Site. Both of these programs are paying dividends and appear to be a long term fix for some of our problems. However, these two programs cannot do it alone, it still takes every soldier doing their part on a daily bases. I have confidence in our Regiment and our soldiers that if we donít quit, which we donít do, that we can solve this problem.

b. FLAG SELECTION FOR NTC: On 24 September 2000, I met with the three ground squadrons and made the announcement as to which units flags will be going to the NTC 2002 rotation. This was an extremely difficult decision and was made only after a great deal of work and discussion with a number of Senior Regimental Leaders. I apologize for the late date in making the announcement, but if it had been easy I would have announced the decision before Annual Training. The three ground squadrons commanders have the information and will contact the respective units. I want everyone to know that no one will be left behind as the Regiment travels the NTC.


a. Retention and Recruiting: We are about to begin a new training year. With this year beginning, we are less than two years from our NTC Rotation. We are 1391soldiers short in the Regiment. That means that you and I will have twice the work to do. We need every soldier to bring someone into the Regiment.

b. NTC Hotwash: This past weekend a "Hotwash" or AAR was conducted in Knoxville with the 218th Infantry Bde (Mech) from South Carolina discussing their recent NTC rotation. They did a lot of stuff right and somethingís, they admitted they could have done better. Each unit had leadership attending these AARs. Information gathered during the Hotwash must be disseminated to everyone.

c. Leader Training Program (LTP): The LTP will be conducted at FT Irwin 15-22 October 00. After this LTP we will have only one left before our rotation. Those who attend must take advantage of every opportunity to learn. This LTP will focus on MDMP and terrain reconnaissance in "the box". Logistical operations at the RUFMA/RUBA/"Dust-Bowl" will also be included in this event. LOI to be published by the RS-3 NLT than 6 October 00 prior to October drill.

d. NTC Unit Selection: As "Saber 6" mentioned above, the selection of 2/278 and 3/278 headquarters flags as the ground Squadrons going to the NTC was not an easy task. The decision was made with our heads rather than our hearts. Strength, locations, commuting distances, MOSQ, and tactical capabilities were all considered. The bottom line is that we are all going as "The Regiment" and will all be "in the box" and tactically engaged. 1/278 has a tremendous amount of senior leadership and they will have the most difficult task in managing their units in augmenting the other Squadrons. We must all work together in this effort. More definitive information will follow on the "rules" of cross Regimental support.

e. Order of Saint George: The Regimental Christmas Ball is coming up in a few months and normally the Order of Saint George, Patron of Armor, Joan DíArc, St Barbara and Molly Pitcher awards are presented during the ball. Donít wait to the last minute to get these request in. Everyone should know the criteria for each. If not contact my office.

f. State Facility Engineer Office: COL Whitehead, the State FMO, recently published a new information book on Facility repair and maintenance and Station Commanderís Upkeep and Maintenance funds. Each Unit Commander should read and understand this document. Myths about facility maintenance is cleared up in this document.


a. STRENGTH: As of 18 September 2000, the Regiment is at 82% required strength.

b. STAFF SERGEANT & SERGEANT PROMOTION BOARDS: Reference MOI dtd 23 Jun 00 w/endorsement, dtd 28 Jun 00, subject: SAB, Squadrons & Separate Units must have all actions completed NLT 10 Oct 00 so that we may meet our suspense to AGTN-DPER of 15 Oct 00. Requests for an extension of this suspense will not be approved.

c. SEPARATE UNIT EPPS BOARD: The SGT and SSG EPPS Board for separate units will convene at this headquarters 0800 hours 7 October 2000. This will involve the participation of all Separate Unit First Sergeants, and the Regimental Command Sergeant Major. Separate Units are reminded that all packets must be complete and available on that date. Supporting documents must be attached. Eligibility Rosters must also be attached and annotated if the soldierís is not being considered for any reason.

d. LINE OF DUTY INVESTIGATIONS: It is imperative that Line of Duty Investigations be completed correctly and in a timely manner. Commanders must emphasis this requirement. LODís effect the medical care of our soldiers, it also is the only means we have to pay their expenses for injuries received while performing military duty. Under no circumstances should a soldier have to wait longer than necessary for medical care due to our failure to complete required documentation. If a soldier is incapacitated from his/her injuries Incap pay could be their only source of income. The LOD must be completed as soon as possible, take care of the soldier, enough said.

e. FOLLOWUP PHYSICIAN APPOINTMENTS FOR SOLDIERS: To request follow-up visits for your traditional soldiers who were injured on duty status. You can call 1-800-876-1131, Ext 707 (Tri-Care), Ms Judy Isinro. You will be asked to provide a copy of the completed LOD (FAX), and she will then give you an authorization number which will authorize the soldier to obtain follow-up care. Keep this authorization number, because you will require it when you submit the medical bills to DPER-H for payment.

f. MWR FUND: Units are again reminded of the requirement to report their Annual Training duty days at all levels down to detachments. This information will be used to request AT MWR dividends. A copy of the report form can be found in MWR SOP dated 1 Jan 99, Annex C. In addition, units must return receipts indicating expenditure of funds at the earliest opportunity. Spend the funds in accordance with the SOP. POC is SSG Wolfe (865) 583-3209


a. TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES: There are several training opportunities available for MI soldiers. These opportunities span periods from two weeks to a month or more. These ranges from live exercise augmentation, SCIF work in Utah, or drug work in South America. Any interested soldier should contact their S2 or contact 1LT Mitch Murray, (865) 594-[3262] / DSN 921-[3262]. There are numerous opportunities to learn the intricacies of the NTC; Right-Seat Ride, OC Academy, OPFOR Augmentation, OPFOR Academy and Rotational Augmentation. The S2 shops need to take full advantage of these opportunities. Thes would be a fantastic opportunity to see the NTC operations from the inside. POC CPT Robert Covert (865) 594-[3234] / DSN 921-[3234].

b. PERIODIC CLEARANCE REVIEWS: Soldiers holding Confidential and Secret Clearances are now subject to periodic review. If a soldier has not had a periodic review in the last ten years he/she is required to accomplish a SF 86 and request a review. STARC can now grant interim TS Clearances after completion of the complete Security Clearance packet and review by DPER-C. If there is ANY derogatory information in the packet the interim TS will not be granted by STARC. Any soldier who has not completed a SF 86 packet to start the PR process is subject to immediate administrative downgrade as of 01 October 2000. If a soldier requires a clearance to perform their MOS and are downgraded they must be moved from that paragraph and line number to one that does not require a clearance.

c. PHYSICAL SECURITY BINDERS: Physical Security Binders must be updated as personnel change in the unit. Most of the discrepancies found by inspection teams are forms and letters are out of date. These changes must be done in a timely manner.

d. MAPS : AT 01 will be at FT Stewart GA. Maps should be ordered through the supply system as soon as possible. NTC maps for the rotation, 2002, will be ordered through the RS-2. Units do not need to order maps for the rotation.

e. ASAS LIGHT: The Regiment is scheduled to field the ASAS LIGHT system in 2006. We are working on procuring the software and training prior to AT 01. ASAS LIGHT runs on the NT system and will run on a laptop. WARLORD is no longer supported by the Army.

f. S2 HOMEPAGE: The S2 Company, <http://www.s2company.com/> , homepage is a great resource for intelligence templates and how to information.


a. PRE-CAMP CONFERENCE FOR AT-01. The Pre-Camp Conference for AT-01 will be held at Ft. Stewart, GA, on 1 Nov 00. Travel days will be 31 Oct and 2 Nov. MOI TBP.

b. COFT AND AFIST SERVICE. There is a new number for service and repairs for COFT, AFIST, and TSV. It is 1-877-472-0239.

c. LIVE-FIRE VS. MILES GUNNERY. As many of you have probably heard by now, the RCO has made the decision to begin MILES gunnery training right now instead of waiting for another year. The Regiment will not be conducting a live-fire exercise at the NTC, so our main focus will be on destroying the OPFOR with MILES. We must be proficient at maneuver and MILES gunnery to be successful at the NTC, so we will immediately transition from full-caliber gunnery to MILES.

d. IDT PERFORMANCE AND PAY SYSTEM. As many of you know, Tennessee implemented a new IDT Pay system this FY. It has allowed better tracking of IDT performance and pay, but as with any new automated system, it has some requirements (idiosynchricies) that must be met, such as:

(1) Units MUST perform the number of UTA's per month as stated on its quarterly Date-Site Report. The DCSOPS budgets IDT pay for each month in the new pay system based on this report. If the unit says it is performing a MUTA-4 on the DSR and then actually performs a MUTA-6, the IDT Pay budget goes "in the hole", which is very bad!

(2) Each soldier is only authorized 48 UTA's per FY. Prior approval from the DCSOPS is required to exceed this limit. The automated pay system will not pay the 49th UTA.

(3) Units must track rescheduled training. The first soldier that drills for a certain month begins a 90-day window in which all drills for that month must be performed. One unit this year allowed a soldier to conduct rescheduled training 88 days before the unit's last day of IDT. The unit came within 2 days of being "out of the window" and none of the soldiers that performed regular drill would have been paid! They would have been paid eventually, but only after much paperwork, explanations, and complaints. Pay attention to this!

(4) Soldiers CANNOT reschedule training across FY's. You cannot reschedule a soldier's October drill in September, or vice versa. As a matter of fact, DCSOPS wants all rescheduled training performed before 10 Sep 00 for this FY.

e. PLDC EXCESS BAGGAGE. We have had several soldiers going to PLDC that have gotten to the airport and been told that they would have to pay for excess baggage, which is required due to the amount of field gear they must take. Take care of your soldiers. When you receive their school orders, make sure that excess baggage fees are covered, and ensure the plane ticket also allows for excess baggage.


a. TACSOP: After a successful Paladin fielding operating under the DRAFT Battery TACSOP we must start working towards making revisions to it to ensure that it meets our requirements. Battery Commanderís ensure that you review and comment the TACSOP and that all comments are transmitted to Regiment NLT 7 November2000. Also, an electronic copy of the DRAFT Artillery Gunnery SOP will be transmitted shortly. This SOP will formalize the process (MTP based) and responsibilities that will ensure that our Howitzer Batteries are trained and certified to standard.

b. Old Billís University: Gentlemen, mark you calenders for OBU 2000 to be conducted 12-14 January 2001. Additional information will follow in the near future on the event.


a. RIGHT SEAT RIDE ALONG PROGRAM: There are several opportunities to go to the National Training Center (NTC). The first is a program called the Right Seat Ride-Along. In this program you ride along with an NTC Observer Controller (OC) for three days. The second is the OC academy. In this program you go to the NTC and learn how to be an OC, you then come back to the NTC and be an OC for another unit. The third is the augmentee program. In this program you fill positions in the Division TOC (on main post), the Blue Force (player unit) or the Red force (OPFOR) and go through a rotation. If you are interested in any of these programs see one of your unit's fulltime personnel.


RUBA = Rotational Unit Buildup Area

RUFMA = Rotational Unit Field Maintenance Area

TOFM = Theater Opening Force Module

ISB = Initial Staging Base

VISMOD = Visually Modified


a. RECRUITING AND RETENTION: This is the number one priority of every soldier in the Tennessee National Guard. The Rep 63 program conducted at Catoosa, GA, on 16 Sep 00 was a success. We had 69 guests, 17 REP-63ís, and 4 Split Option soldiers present for the event. The training for the REP-63 and Split Option was map reading, PT test and land navagation. We had 23 guest that were 17 yrs and older say that they want to join the National Guard. The recruiters are processing their paperwork at this time. We are expecting 200 guest/REP-63/ Split Option to attend this event on 14 Oct 00, so please support this effort.

b. LEADERS TRAINING PROGRAM: We are going to the LTP at NTC from 15-22 OCT 00. The CSM coach at LTP is putting together a very good program for the CSS element. This will be a very valuable experience for the NCO corps. Please try to attend.

c. ENLISTED ASSOCIATION: Please continue to work on the membership drive.

d. CSS WORKSHOP: We scheduled a CSS workshop during the month of Nov 00. We need all of the CSS players to attend.


a. CLASS IX WARNO: Once the RS4 shop collects and analyzes CLASS IX requests from the 218th NTC rotation we will conduct a class IX workshop. Our objective is to design a Squadron level PLL package, which maximizes the effectiveness of the non-demand supported PLL lines, authorized (15 per unit). This should make a more responsive Class IX system for our units. More to follow.

b. Squadron Supply SGTs and RPBO: Thanks to the RPBO and Squadron Supply SGTs for their hard effort and teamwork during the KYMATES Hand Receipt Verification Trip #2. Our objective of verification and capturing changes for the hand receipts was successful. Working with the RPBO, change documents were completed on the spot and brought back to update the SPBS-R. Units should be getting new SPBS-R downloads for their ULLS-S4 to update their MATES hand receipts and provide a "clean" copy to KY MATES for signature.

c. PMCS: As stated last month, defining the problem is the first step in correcting or solving any problem. Look for a memorandum of instruction due out requiring a copy of all home station tracked vehicle Oct IDT 5988Es to be forwarded to this Headquarters NLT 2 Nov 00. We must identify the maintenance faults of our vehicles in order to correct them. We must be sure that the 5988E standards are enforced. Remember that we are taking some home station M1A1s and M3A2s, M1069s, M109A6ís, CATVs and others to Ft Stewart, GA. for AT01 and the NTC in Jun02. We cannot fix them if we donít know whatís wrong with them. Do the right thing and get your equipment prepared to train your soldiers.

d. LTP 00: The LTP LOI will be published NLT 29 Sep 00. Start collecting credit card information for room reservations. Vehicles and advance detachment rooms are secured, still working main body return rooms so may have to FRAGO that part. Ensure you have supplies on hand to operate at the LTP. Supply availability is limited at the LTP. Look forward now to prepare and gather supplies needed for the BCBST at Ft Leavenworth, KS.

e. OPERATION STAND DOWN: The Knoxville armory is supporting Operation Stand Down for homeless veterans 13-15 Oct 00. If anyone needs equipment for the LTP or any business to conduct it is suggested that you avoid coming to the armory 12-16 Oct 00.

f. LOGEX WARNO#2: Together with the TSB and JANUS team, we are developing the objectives for a LOGEX scheduled for Feb 01 base drill. Location is here at Knoxville. LOI publish target date is 30 Nov 00.

Quote of the Month

In the heat of battle, courage may be displayed in many fashions. In this scenario during the Civil War, disappointment brought courage to the front. The year is 1863.

"ÖOn November 27th it was reported that Meade had crossed the Rappahannock and was advancing. We broke camp, and Johnsonís division marched towards Mine Run on a road north of that taken by the remainder of the Second Corps. We were quietly marching along a road which runs through a wood, listening to the distant cannon in our front and speculating as to the location of the expected battle. Suddenly a part of our column was assailed on the flank by a Yankee skirmish line. It was a complete surprise to us, since no one thought the enemy was in the vicinity. Regimental officers cut off companies from their regiments formed them as skirmishers right in the road, and ordered them forward. I must say this was the promptest movement I saw during the war. Our skirmishers drove the enemy back on their line of battle, and by this time Gen. Johnson had formed the division in line of battle, and it was moving forward. The left of our line became heavily engaged at once. The Second Brigade was on the right, and swung around until we came to a field, where we could see the enemy behind a rail fence on the edge of a wood at the far side of this field. Continuing our wheeling, we soon came to a swamp bottom, the most miry place I ever entered. How the men crossed it I donít know. Many left one or both shoes in the mud, the horses could not cross, the officers were compelled to dismount and take to the mud too. We, however, crossed, halted a few moments under the hill, reformed our line, and went forward. As soon as we advanced up the hill sufficiently for the enemy to see us, the action became general and heavy; we fought until night put an end to the battle.

I will mention a gallant action which I saw here. Capt. Johnson of the 50th Va. Regt., a man about fifty years of age, large and stout, thinking that some of his men were not doing as well as they ought, walked out to the brow of the hill, lay down on its top, broadside to the enemy, and then called to some of his men to come up; and if they were afraid, they could use him as a breastwork. Several of them very promptly accepted the challenge, lying down behind him, resting their guns on him, firing steadily from this position until the fight was over. I am happy to say that the gallant captain was not injured. The division suffered greatly; of F Company,

L.M. Couch, J.A. Kidd, Henry Peaster and Porter Wren were woundedÖ"

For further reading, see "One of Jacksonís Foot Cavalry". Author, John H. Worsham. Bantam Books.

If you have a quote to submit for Old Billís Chips, please forward it to MAJ Hensley, email, or fax it to (865) 582-3241.

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