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Publishing Date 4 October 2002
Bulletin Number 02-10


a.  Retention and Recruiting:    As I have mentioned several times before, this is a great time of year for Recruiting events.  Fall homecomings and high football games are excellent locations to get in front of the public.  Strength is critical.  It is the most important thing that we have facing us now and in the near future.  Each Commander and Leaders must focus their efforts toward recruiting and retaining quality soldiers. 

As I talk to soldiers who are ETSing, one of the greatest complaints that I hear is the fact that mid-level leadership is not being responsive to their issues.  Ignoring a soldier's problem or perceived problem does not make it go away.  It makes them go away.  Soldier's problems are not necessarily Commander and 1SG issues and usually can be resolved at the 1st line supervisor level if they will just stop and listen.  That's part of being a leader.

b.  BCBST:  One of the next training events is BCBST.  It will start with a Mobile Training Team (MTT) at the Regimental Staff level in December ( 6-8 Dec) and Mission Analysis in January 03.  The BCBST Seminar will take place 16-21 February 03 at FT Leavenworth, KS.  Critical Staff members must be present for this event down to Squadron level.  Start getting your tools together now.  We again will  be fighting on NTC terrain. 

c.  OERS & NCOERS: We all must work on the quality of our OERs and NCOERs.  The first problem encountered is that most OERs cross my desk with no support form or one that's composition is extremely weak.  NCOERs are always centered blocked because it does not require bullet comments.  We must do better.  Our young leaders deserve more.  I am personally monitoring the quality of these products and will be returning those who do not meet the standard.

d.  OPTEMPO:  The Army National guard receives money to operate our equipment based upon the miles and hours operated.  These miles and hours are calculated from information received on ULLS reports.  We are not getting accurate reports and in some cases not report at all.  THIS MUST RECEIVE THE HIGHEST ATTENTION!  This is a Commander's Issue.  I expect OMS shops to work closely with M-Day maintenance personnel to fix this situation.

e.  Annual Training 2003:   The priority for AT-03 is MOSQ, NCOES and OES.  For each soldier that is not MOSQ, their command must have a plan to get them qualified.  The Regiment has priority for schools.   Let's take advantage of it.  The Regiment will be conducting AT-03 at different time and in multiple locations.  Make sure your soldiers know when and where they are supposed to be.

f.  EANGTN and NGAT:  Its time again to start making plans for the holiday balls to be held in Gatlinburg.  This is a great time and we need to get as many Junior Officers and NCOs to attend as possible.  It's also time to start the dues chase.  As I have said many times in the past, as a professional, you belong to professional organizations.  For the past five years the Regiment has been 100% membership in NGAT.  I would like to see our NCOs gain 100% in EANGTN.  I support the organization and an associate member.

g.  Taps and Honors:  The Regiment recently lost a great soldier, CSM Roger Goode.  CSM Goode served the Regiment for over 26 years and was serving as the CSM at 1/278 Proud Warriors when he was called to the Fiddlers Green.  God Bless him and his family.  He will be missed.  


Our Shared Heritage

All military units in the American Army have a history much like our individual families have a lineage from which we are descended.  Like the importance of our family name, the 278th ACR's name has a history and lineage equal to or better than most of the active duty ACRs and more illustrious than most other units in the Army today.  The Guardsmen who came before us chased Poncho Villa on the Texas Border, took part in all of the major campaigns in Europe and the Philippines during World War I and II.  They earned an unprecedented three Presidential Unit Citations (Army), ST. BARTHELMY, UBACH, SCHERPENSEEL, and two French Croix de Guerre with Silver Star with Steamers embroidered SCHERPENSEEL and FRANCE, and the Belgian Fourragere 1940.  The British and Belgian Armies honored our Regiment by mentioning us in their dispatches.  Each of us who have followed over the years has had the obligation to protect and preserve this heritage just as we protect our own family names.  When you were in the Desert in California at the NTC, your performance preserved and upheld that heritage.  Serving your county today in our common time of need without complaint is upholding our past which was earned with the blood and courage of the Guardsmen who preceded us in history.  The colors of the Regiment pass from hand to hand over the years!  Each soldier in our Regiment must uphold the honor and history of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers.  Serve with pride and know that you belong to the best unit in the Army today, bar none!


a.  Supply Accountability.   You should have finished after NTC inventories last month.  It is imperative that you process reports of survey in a timely manner to recover critical items that we'll need to conduct training in the coming years.  Your troop/btry/company section hand receipts should reflect all MTOE equipment that the section has inventoried and has on hand in a serviceable condition.  A further part of this is excess equipment you have on hand.  As you do your 100% you need to collect those items no longer authorized and get them documented for turn-in.  Some units have been given enough rope to hang themselves several times over by not turning in excess equipment.  Make it happen.

b.  Maintenance.  We have not taken enough interest in the maintenance of our equipment, wheeled and track.  We have to account for the mileage on our vehicles and get those numbers recorded.  The mileage is how we get funded.  All unit equipment must be dispatched, with the operating mileage captured in the ULLS box.  The ULLS box is where we get how much we operated our equipment.  Without the mileage we don't get the OPTEMPO captured and we don't get the funding.  The OMS cannot do it all.  It is the unit's responsibility to do at least 40% of the maintenance.  Once again make it happen.

c.  Inspections.  The Command Logistics Review Team (CLRT) will visit the regiment this FY.  For those of you that haven't been through a CLRT it's like the old IG.  They come in, spend a week with you and look at everything in your unit.  Check list will be issued to units later this month that will give you guidelines for your responsibilities.  We cannot fail this inspection.  Staff assistance visits will be coordinated from this HQ to assist you in meeting the requirement.

d.  Thanks.  Once again, thanks for a job well done.  What a great organization to be a part of.  You exceeded in everything you did and set records that will be along time in breaking.  Now it's time to get our fraternal organization back in shape and show how proud we are of the 278th.  Officer dues are now due, the Holiday Ball will be here in 2 months and the annual conference is around the corner.  Start thinking about attending these events.  I can't imagine why people want to be anyplace other than the regiment.  In all the army there isn't any other organization that has the camaraderie, spirit and will to win than an Armored Cavalry Regiment.



a.  Concerns:  The appropriate action when a leader asks a subordinate if they are up on personnel and equipment is not to ask, "Does everybody have everything?" The appropriate action is to conduct sensitive items, equipment and personnel checks.

        During Rotation 02-09 I encountered a location where soldiers were lying underneath a tactical vehicle parked on a slope with no wheel chocks.  After making the correction, I noted their platoon leader, a 1LT, sitting 10 meters away.  When I asked him why would he allow his soldiers to do something so unsafe, his response was that he was letting them get into some shade.   We can all see what is wrong with this situation. At yet another moment, a field grade officer was operating a tactical vehicle, loaded with soldiers, most of whom were not wearing their helmets and had no personnel strap across the back of the vehicle. And nearby a tank was backing without a ground guide.  We have all been told many times that most accidents are caused because someone knew the standards, but failed to enforce them.

        The cornerstone of any success we have is discipline and standards.  That is our basic responsibility to ensure soldiers meet those standards. It starts with respect.  I hear a lot of NCOs talking about how some soldiers don't show any respect toward their leaders.

        What is the level of your individual training?  Can every soldier in the unit engage targets with their assigned weapon at maximum range under limited visibility while wearing body armor?  Better learn how.  Do your machine gun crews do crew drills to standard, or do they holler, "The gun's down" when faced with a stoppage?  What is the level of proficiency of your teams and crews?  Can they put up the TOC in 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 3 hours, Not at all? When was the last time you put yours up and ran the wires?  Checked the fixtures?  Can all your soldiers splint fractures?  Apply the four life saving steps? Perform artificial respiration?  Which soldier in your unit does not need this training?  Can they all load, fire, reduce stoppage and unload a M249, M60, M240, and a M2?  These are the individual and crew-served weapons nearly every unit has for self-defense.  Who is trained to call for fire?  Shift from a known point?  Call for and direct CAS? Helicopters? Call for a MEDEVAC? Submit an NBC-1 report?   

        It seems to me that we still have many important individual and crew tasks that are poorly trained or not at all.  We are only as good as our last training event. 

b.  Important Information: I encourage all of you to attend the ENLISTED BALL 13-15 DECEMBER 02 in Gatlinburg, TN.  The guest speaker this year will be SCSM Bobby Davis.  Saturday morning at 1000 I will discuss some important issues to include Rotation 02-09, 2003 Training and Soldier (CAV) Standards.  The 26th Annual EANGTN Conference will be held in Memphis, TN 22-24 March 20003.



a.      OER's: Continue to be patient and work hard as we attempt to "catch up" on OER's. SGT Vineyard is the new POC for OER'S. He can be reached at (865) 582-3225 or TNNET 3225.

b.      PERSONNEL CHANGES: The following personnel changes have been made in the RS-1 shop:

1.      SSG Tim Prater: Enlisted Personnel Transactions Discharges, Promotions, Conditional Releases, and All orders. Phone extension: 3209

2.      SGT Tom Vineyard: OER's, Officer Transactions and MWR request. Phone extension: 3225
3.      SPC James South: EPPS, Awards, NCOER's, Strength Report, and the Postage Report. Phone extension: 3210
4.      There is now a vacancy in the Regimental S-1 shop. The job is for 75H20 Admin NCO. The announcement was posted 23 August 2002 and closes 23 September 2002. All interested soldiers can get a copy of the announcement and job application from their unit.

c.      AWARDS: Individuals submitting an award should ensure the award is grammatically correct and IAW TNARNGR 600-8-22. Ensure your comments substantiate the requested award. If the comments do not substantiate the recommended award, there is a chance the award will be downgraded.

d.      NTC CERTIFICATES: We have been working diligently on getting the certificates to the respective units. We are down to a minimal number of certificates to be distributed.

e.      RETIREMENT WEB SITE: Here is a good web site to help those soldiers who are retired, or about to retire: <https://www.2xcitizen.usar.army.mil/>. We also have Dental Brochures discussing insurance here at Regimental HQ's explaining eligibility for retiring soldiers.

f.      AKO ACCOUNTS: Another web site that is helpful to retirees as well as current members of the Army is <https://www.army.us.mil/>. We still have soldiers in the Tennessee Army National Guard that do not have an account. A suggestion, during our drill periods, the FTSP can set aside an hour or so to allow each respective section the opportunity to get the soldiers an account. Some of our soldiers do not have a computer at home; this will allow them access to AKO. AKO will lead soldiers and retirees to information they need to manage their careers and personal information.

g.      ID CARDS: Id cards are only available for issue Monday through Thursday 0830 hours to 1530 hours. There will be no exceptions to policy.


a.  Personnel Security - The Regiment is doing better, but there are still too many Periodic Reinvestigations outstanding.  Filling out the application does not need to wait until the soldier attends drill, there are many details that may be at home, or may take several days to gather.  The Regiment, not STARC, will administratively downgrade the clearance of any soldier who PR is delinquent beginning 01 OCT 2002, which has already passed.

b.  Physical Security - CEP Staff visits will begin soon. Each unit should have a CD with all forms/order formats and Regulations. If your unit needs one contact the RS-2 and a CD will be provided.

c.  Equipment - Don't forget to break out the ASAS-LT's and keep user proficiency during drill weekend.  Don't allow these systems to only be an extra laptop for orders production.  We will develop a quarterly training program for the ASAS-LT to assist the squadrons intel sections.

d.      Doctrine - The Regiment will fight the COE during the WARFIGHTER. Tapes and CD's been promised for several months, now that we are in the new FY, distribution will be sooner than later.  Until those are available there are several COE resources online.  The following share folder can be accessed from the Internet: <'s%20Files/>  Located within "The OPFOR in the COE" subfolder.  This share folder may eventually move to one that can be accessed from AKO, so copy while it lasts.

e.   Musings from the RS2 - This month's Armor Magazine has a good article about staff integrated IPB process, and reinforces the fact that IPB is not just "a -2 thing".  There are also some infamous quotes included.  If you have heard any of those during MDMP, perhaps you and your staff might need to take time to read the article.


Personnel Changes.

I am honored to be the new operations officer for the Regiment.  I look forward to working with all of you and ask that you continue in the same spirit of cooperation as you did with MAJ Jeff Archer.  The Regiment has become a better Regiment as the result of Jeff Archer's leadership and we appreciate all his efforts.

I also want to take the time to extend our appreciation to SGM Tim West for all of his excellent work as Regimental OPS SGM, he too will be missed.  Our loss is another unit's gain as he moving onto 3/278th as the OPS SGM.

We also want to welcome three new soldiers to the RS-3 shop.  1LT Steven Turner is leaving 1/278th to become the Regimental Liaison Officer, SGM Ralph Williams is leaving 3/278th to become the Regimental OPS SGM, and SSG Jamye Murphy who will be one of our OPS Sergeants.


a.  Equipment Readiness.  The ULLS-G Commander's Handbook should be included in a Commander's and Supply Sergeants library.  Information is available as long as you ask the question(s).  If you have problems with your supporting OMS then call MAJ Darnbush or CPT Miller.

b.   AT 03.  RS-4 office has reviewed billeting and dining facility availability at Ft Knox, KY for our Annual Training dates.  Will conduct final coordination 12-14 Nov 02.

c.  CEP and CSDP.  RS-4 office plans conducting a focused CEP on each Squadron Hqs two times a year and Separate units once a quarter.  SFC Sturgill is the Logistic POC for Sep Units.

d..  CLRT.  The CLRT from NGB is scheduled for August and September 2003.  Develop your individual plans now to ensure success.  NDARNG review was forwarded via e-mail on 3 Oct 02.


The AFATDS/ LFED fielding that was originally scheduled for 2003 has now been pushed to 2004.  With this not taking place causes a refocus in our training strategy for the next year.  On 15 OCT 02/ 1630 Hrs (local), there is to be a Fire Support Training Workshop that will be conducted at Regimental Headquarters.  The attendees have already been notified to the event.  If there is a problem to attending the meeting, contact should be made with SFC Paul Williams (865-582-3231).  Some of the topics that are to be covered are:  Live Fire Exercise, Annual Training, FIST/ COLT training, etc.


FY03 is here and we are preparing for the sequenced AT's and Warfighter. This will require paying attention to actual loadsets needed as you load your ANCD's and equipment. We are in the processes of being trained on the new ACES load generations system, which will require new programs to be loaded into each ANCD. Expect some time in the future to turn in part of your ANCDs for reprogramming and when returned turn in the remaining units. More information will follow on this issue. Units, maintain focus on signal issues, while doing your PMCS make sure the radios are functionally checked, inventory your OE-254's and order defective parts. This includes verifying the operations of the AM radios, Regt has their unit operational and Comms checks can be coordinated through Regt S3. Squadrons should be scheduling AM Comms checks with their troops/ companies at least quarterly, this will help maintain user knowledge and assurance that the equipment is working. If you are having maintenance problems with these systems, let us know (Regt S-6 Section) and we will get you the assistance needed. Maintain proficiency on using the ANCD with both obtaining fills, and loading radios. Continue training on the PLGR. Having now completed your 100% inventories you know your weaknesses, get the parts ordered and plan now for your battery usage during your future training periods. The system works if you use it in a timely manner and follow through on requisitions outstanding. Keep up the good work.


a.  NTC "MEMORY BOOK".  Their was not enough input received to justify the cost of publishing the  NTC "memory book".  Several soldiers/units developed their own CD which may have.  Please spread the word that pictures and CD's are out there and should be shared within their unit/squadron. 

b.   Employer Support Group.  Again, I want to emphasize the importance of the Employer Support Group and how advantageous it can be for a unit to have a breakfast or lunch.  It enhances our visibility with our employers and local officials within their community. 

c.   Public Affairs Coverage.  Please contact the S-5 at email [email protected] or by mail to HQ, 278th ACR, ATTN:  S-5 (MAJ Rhonda Keisman) if you have a significant event scheduled that would be of interest for public affairs coverage.  We will prioritize events and capture all that we can.  At minimum, squadron change of command ceremonies should be covered. 


a.      A/B FIST News. The Regiment is in the loop of the review of the systems operation of the soon to be tested M3/M2 AFIST system. We are scheduled to represent the regiment the last of the month, to conduct a hardware test.  The outcome of the test will depend how fast we get the systems.

b.  GUNNERY PREPARATION.  Crew drill and individual crew training is a must at all levels. To have a 100% crew Qualification during our GT VIII at annual training. Think of crew weapons qualification, just like we think of IWQ, the better we shoot the more lethal we are!

1.      Crew training progress is a must keep good records of all crew member training progress and report it on the new regimental battle rosters which are due at this HQ NLT 1st of each month.

2.      Support requirements for each( i.e., money, training areas), we hope to release the funding dollars requested to support each squadrons gunnery program NLT last of October 02.

The new M1 and M3 commander handbooks are completed subject to the review of the RS-3 before we go to press as well as the Gunnery SOP.


In my sharefile in Network Neighborhood on the RCAS System (Wv7pt1-s1-w001), I have a folder called 278th ACR Safety which can be accessed by anyone with an RCAS computer.  In this folder I have the Regimental Risk Management Worksheet for IWQ.  All units (squadron/company/troop/detachment) need to print out the worksheet and use it as a guide for managing their IWQ.  Add to it or apply it in more detail to your situation such as unit, equipment, and location.  Everyone is different.  You may have hazards due to inexperience in leadership or weapons use.  You may be using a range that has problems with congestion or needs a rest area marked.  You may be firing an M60 that may require other safety considerations.  You need this worksheet for planning and you need to have it filled out, approved and available for review during the exercise.

You should also find an APFT Risk Management Worksheet in this sharefile. 

Remember.  You must also do a site survey prior to every training exercise so there are no surprises when you get there.

Now you are ready to give your safety briefing.

I also have a Halloween PowerPoint in the sharefile called "Trick or Treats".  These days, a lot of units have a computer that is available for a soldier to use.  If you have one in a common area, you may want to play this continuously as a screensaver.  Soldiers walking by might see it and get something out of it.  Besides being in the share file, I have already sent it out in a safety newsletter.


Get this Halloween Safety Brief out to your people.  It covers all the bases:



<<...OLE_Obj...>> Safety Message

With Halloween rapidly approaching, many people have already begun making plans to celebrate the event.   Halloween is an exciting, fun-filled time for young people.  Unfortunately, Halloween is also a time for increased accidents, injuries, and deaths.  Reports from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate the number of deaths among young pedestrians between 5-14 years of age are four times higher on Halloween evening when compared with the same period during all other evenings of the year.   Many Halloween-related accidents and injuries can be prevented if steps are taken to include safety.  Here are some things you can do to help make this Halloween safer for everyone:








Halloween will be celebrated this year on Thursday, 31 October 2000.   Since Daylight Savings Time officially ends on Sunday, October 27, 2000, daylight hours will be shorter on Halloween.  Take time to adjust to the time change and ensure safety for you and your loved ones. 

John Stone


CPT Jack D. Coleman
278th ACR, Asst RS-3
DSN: 683-3278  COM: 865-582-3278